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When our Invisibility disappeared

During the season that was the summer of 2005 we were in the habit in Chiswick of going out 2 or 3 times each week into the various parks around West London mainly with all necessary equipment including a large Photograph made up into an 'A' board that was free standing, and together with all necessary literature etc. plus of course our sandwiches etc. We went out rotating the different parks, just choosing which ever took our fancy for the day. We never ever asked permission... we simply went along, set up, and started to give Realisation to whoever was there.

We were based on the Chiswick meeting, and our numbers varied from day to day, but would have been around the 6 to 9 range mostly, and we did not all live locally either. We enjoyed almost unfettered free range over the whole of West London, unbothered by any of the local park attendants that patrolled the parks. We gave Realisation regularly to all sorts and were kept usually fairly busy. This continued for most of the year, until it was suggested by someone that we might join forces with another group from elsewhere in London.

Then... well...  then it all seemed to go wrong as we no longer, it seemed, possessed that protection afforded by the Invisibility factor. that we in the Chiswick area had become accustomed to. The problem was that not all Sahaja Yogis were used to our way of doing things, with no regard towards the Park Attendants that were almost everywhere. We simply just turned up unannounced with all our equipment, and set to... giving Realisation wherever and to whoever was there. It worked... til we met up and joined forces with others, in 2 parks that we can recall.. Hyde Park and Regents Park. There, unfortunately the Yogis were not so practised in the art of doing things in such a surrendered way, and their over concern with seeking permission wherever they went resulted in the attraction of the very negativity that sought to avoid.

Hey ho... we live & learn - at least we hope so

Jai Shri Mataji


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