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When Vibrations solved our Differences
(An e-mail sent to the Collective, London, on 19th Jan 2012)

MORTLAKE now starts at 7.30 pm Wednesdays

For the last 2 months we have tried a new 7pm start time, with limited success.

Whilst we continued to get support during this time, it did not really suit those
people who were coming from work, quite so much.

So we discussed what was to be done last Wednesday evening after the meeting.
We were split, half wishing for 7pm, others preferring 7.30, whilst a few
even suggested a compromise at 7.15pm.

After a confusing few minutes, it became clear what was to be done... so we
then decided to do it 'solely on vibrations!'

Very interestingly, it worked out so easily and amazingly also very impressively too.

We decided firstly on some ground rules:
1. We did not want to hear from anyone who was feeling no vibrations, we only wanted to hear from those feeling cool vibrations to each or any alternative question.
2. We should not think about each alternative, but just give indication of a cool response.
3. As each alternative was put, we all should look at Mother's Picture, and keep
our attention on the question only, and indicate by a show of hands.
Simple... !

The alternatives:
A. All those feeling cool for a 7pm start? response... 1 person
B. All those feeling cool for a ...... 7.... 15pm start? response 1 person
C. All those feeling cool for a ..... 7....... 30pm start? (The dots indicate a short pause.)
As the word 'thirty' was said, immediately and in unison, all hands rose as one!!!

It was so unexpected... it was almost a shock! Very clearly, by disengaging our minds, and focusing only on Mother, the Vibrations, and each individual question... we allowed ourselves at least on this occasion to be receptive to the Divine Instruction, indicated to us as Shri Mataji's Will. It was very clear, and indisputable.

So there it is. From next week we are back to the 7.30 pm start.

Look forward to seeing you all there, if you can make it.
Jai Shri Mataji
The Mortlake Collective

PS - It is clear that perhaps we all (by this we mean ALL Sahaja Yogis of the world) talk and discuss too much! When we indulge into 'talking things out', we only discover and reinforce the differences between us. When we stop... and see what Shri Mataji, and the Deities are wanting... by trying the vibrations... we are surprised maybe to discover that in fact without the thinking, we are all in unison... we are all brought closer together! Quite a thought for all those who are all too conscious of the many and varied differences that are currently besetting us all.

Don't think about it !

Important Story, Nick !    A very spontaneous result, from a spontaneous action & idea. This shows how we all need to be alert & open. But it also shows, we all need to try to keep "clear", & to feel the Vibrations: & also USE them often.... When we are on the right track, the Vibrations are instant, i.e. Our Mother's Love is telling us, & trying to help us (if we are listening).....always. Lovely story, beautiful lesson:       JAI   SHRI   MATAJI   !!!      Love , From David in New Zealand.

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