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Walking the streets of London

The time finally came one day when they were all working at Brompton Square, and Shri Mataji took this Nick off on a shopping expedition, Nick driving as usual, and Mother was dealing with some problems in this Nick that were deep rooted & no doubt related to his upbringing & family life. he was feeling very emotional, very weepy and didn't really understand it... but he was on this day not enjoying himself. Shri Mataji was the Personification of Absolute Compassion, was being so kind, considerate and loving. For some reason this just seemed to serve only to set Nick off again. He was holding back the tears even when he was driving. At last the day ended, in the sense that we returned to Brompton Square once more. But it was not the end for Nick. The process that had been going on all day continued, but this time in front of all the other Sahaja Yogis, in Mother's Living Room.

Mother was being so kind, that this Nick could not stand it any more.
He did not want to break down in a fit of uncontrolled sobbing in front of everyone there, so he bowed low to
Shri Mataji, pulled his ears, turned and fled, at first as far as the front door. Then he remembered that he had
the keys of Mother's car in his pocket. So he then stopped, and waited til a Sahaja Yogi turned up
to whom he surrendered Mother's Car keys, before he then fled... walking almost endlessly the streets of London.

Time did not have any meaning at that time, and he continued walking aimlessly for many hours til at last he summoned the courage to return to the Ashram where they were all staying. By the time he got back, everyone had retired, so he did too.
The next morning he was to be found at the bottom of the stairs, waiting, waiting for Mother to descend. When She eventually came down' Nick again bowed very low, again pulling his ears, as Shri Mataji came down.

Somewhere it must be recorded on tape that Mother has said something like... "I will do all I can for you... I will correct you... I will do as much as I can... but you have to hold on to me... If you do not hold on, I cannot do anything" - these are not Shri Mataji's words, but an approximation.

So this Nick held on so very very tightly... that this allowed Shri Mother to work many a miracle...
and isn't he so very very grateful for that

Oh what an all glorious Mother we all really do have to be sure

Jai Shri Mataji

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