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Vashi miracle re badly split chin

       There is a Sahaja Yoga Hospital in Maharashtra at Belapur near to Vashi, established by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and to which this Nick has been on 3 occasions. At this place, run on Sahaja Principles, there are many miraculous happenings experienced by the patients that are resident there. This Nick has experienced at Vashi, or perhaps he should say he has witnessed some that are quite amazing. One such is the one called ‘The Jasmine flowers, & The red Rose’ and was during his 3rd visit in 2013… written about elsewhere.

       Another was during his 2nd visit there and involved an Indian couple. The wife was the patient there, and she was visited each day by her husband, who at the end of his visit used to hurry home, only to return the next day. Well, on one of these days, at the appropriate time he took his leave of his wife and hurried to make his exit, being a little late. Unfortunately he had failed to notice that the marble flooring of the veranda was wet, and so when he turned the corner, he slipped quite badly, and he ended up crashing to the floor, hitting the step there with his chin. When he stood up, this great flap of skin was seen hanging down – the whole of his lower jaw was exposed. We immediately called for the doctor. He was taken to the treatments room, and cleaned up, and a dressing applied to protect the injury. This all happened just a few days before this Nick was due to leave for his return to England. So he was keen to see what was the injury like when his time came to go home. He was astonished! In just a few short days this horrific injury, several square inches, was almost completely gone, cured… in fact reduced in size to the size no bigger than the end of his little finger. The next day it would for sure be completely healed. We have to say… that with Shri Mataji’s Blessings, these Absolutely Miraculous happenings are abundant and yes even still, they are still quite incredible…Years later, this Nick was again visiting India, and by chance was seated on an Indian bus, and whilst there he was relating this miraculous cure to some of the other passengers. When he finished telling the story, the lady sitting next to him spoke up. She said “That was my husband” Oh my God, I did not recognise you… was all I could say.

       Jai Shri Mataji

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