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Taking 'Incoming' Flack whilst driving to Puja
The other weekend, Sunday 24th August 2014, we were travelling to our Centre near Banbury to attend the Shri Krishna Puja there. There were 4 of us in the car. It's not a very large car, a Nissan Micra, but comfortable and quite reliable, and in good shape.. On the way, we found that we suddenly came under attack from some of the other road users who were using that particular road on that day.

We had been travelling along quite normally, when suddenly 2 very high speed cars passed us, at enormous speed… at a guess, around 100 to 120mph or more – one passed us on the right hand side, whilst the second passed us a moment or two later on the left hand side… almost together. To Nick it felt like we were taking ‘Incoming’ flack or missiles, being fired at us like they did in the War when they were trying to shoot down enemy bombers. Nick who normally drives in a state of meditation for the whole journey was in a state of witness - he had seen it all before. Then, a few seconds later, he saw in the rear view mirror something even more alarming - a large car was coming up from behind, at very high speed, weaving to and fro… from the left hand slow lane, right over to the right hand fast lane… and then back again… to and fro as he took all the normal road users in his stride… shooting past all of them at enormous speed. We all were driving quite steadily up the central lane whilst this was all going on. It was as if he had learned to drive on one of these one arm bandits at an amusement arcade somewhere, where you dive first to the left and then to the right, dodging everything that is being hurled against you, trying to avoid a crash as long as possible.

But that wasn't the end of it. Then a motorcyclist was approaching from way back. He was visible from a long way back. He seemed to think that the road was his. As Nick was approaching some congestion of his own, he signalled and took the appropriate action to pass this new hazard. The Motorcyclist who was approaching at a modest speed difference to our own, intent on catching up with us & passing, seemed to think that everyone should wait on him, and hold back while he caught us up and passed. And so he too joined in the queue to berate this poor misunderstood driver of our own car, when it became his turn to pass, as he of course did. As he came level with us he spent some time grimacing at us through the window, letting us know what he thought of us, and shaking his fist.

But that is still not all. Then one of our own passengers decided to take a hand herself. She then launched herself at this unfortunate Nick from the left hand side, inside the car… whilst the motorcyclist was mouthing off on the right hand side, through the car window. Nick fully thought she was going to hit him. But no… he was spared that. All this time, Nick was driving along quite steadily, fully focused on his driving, maintaining a very steady course… fully aware of all this commotion that was going on around him, but also aware of the tremendous protection he was receiving from our Most Gracious and Amazing Mother. It felt like he was inside a bubble… inside a cocoon, fully protected from all that was going on all around. He was quite enjoying it.

The last time he experienced anything like this, once before, maybe several years ago, possibly 6 or 7 years back, when he was driving back from a program near Farnborough for some Ghurkhas who were living in that area. It was pitch black and we were navigating round some very poorly lit round-a-bout, when we again were under attack from some Incoming missiles, again 2 cars travelling at very high speed, shooting past on left and right. On that occasion, he was plenty scared. But on this occasion… well he had seen it all before hadn’t he.

Incidentally, the Motorcyclist, after he had passed us, slowed down and pulled into the queue of traffic, in front of us and stayed there. He seemed to be having trouble as he fell back, allowing us to re-pass him – he was never seen again.

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