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To Jaipur with no contact details (no address or tel No)

This story is of the occasion of Mother's 75th Birthday.
The main story is already told of the trip '
Engulfed in Flames' and occurred in 1997.
There were so many individual stories of miracles that happened during that whole 2 to3 week period. Still some of them warrant telling separately, and this is one such.

The events surrounding this whole trip took something like 2 to 3 weeks, and this Nick was for
the whole of that time in a state of almost complete meditation from beginning to end.
Two Pujas, Mother's Birthday, and Shri Shivaratri Puja were 1 week apart. So we, a group of
Sahaja Yogis decided to hire a vehicle and travel together to a place called Jaipur.

Now the amazing thing is that none of us took the trouble to check the details of the address
or telephone number of the person that we were intending to visit, in a place that none of us knew.
So off we set, and it was only when we were getting close, that we thought we had better telephone at least and get directions. So we stopped by a roadside shop and went in to see if we could use a telephone. However when we tried, we found that we had the wrong number, and there was also something wrong with the address details, so we did not know how to contact the Jaipur Leader.
The amazing thing was (yes there is always an amazing thing to recount in these stories isn't there)
the amazing thing was that the shop keeper when he saw our predicament told us that by some fluke, he, the shop keeper knew the man that we were seeking... and so gave us his number and his address.

We got there and for the main story see that already written called 'Engulfed in Flames'.

Another story, not included in the main story occurred between the very large Havan event,
already described and a later smaller event held in another location, again in Jaipur.
We, the visiting Yogis were spending the day somewhere locally and the time was approaching when we should maybe leave in order to get there. Some of the Yogis were starting to get a little anxious, but this Nick was very relaxed about it all. Then as the time passed, he suddenly announced ok we can now move. He had no reason at all to decide that now it is ok to go... or anything. But, when they actually arrived, the event was just about to start - how's that... again absolutely amazing.

Jai Shri Mataji

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