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In Exeter the Statue of a Horse

Back in the days before Nick got married, he was travelling with Shri Mataji in the West country, and at this moment had reached Exeter in Devon. They had finished the Public Program, and had reached the home of a Sahaja Yogi who was living there. They were all relaxing with Mother around a dining room table on which had been placed a statue of a horse and rider. It was quite beautifully crafted and Mother was asking everyone there what they thought of this statue, and who they thought had created it.

Nick was immediately highly amused, he was standing up sort of circulating around the table, and he just could not hide his mirth. He was laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of the situation. It seemed that he alone saw the humour... Here was the Adi Shakti, who undoubtedly knew every last little detail about this statue, who had created it, where he lived, his age etc etc... asking the opinion of all we, Sahaja Yogis there, who in all probability knew next to nothing about this statue. Nick felt it was so funny, he couldn't stop laughing... til the next moment when Shri Mataji mentioned the word somehow or other... and the word was marriage.
At this Nick abruptly stopped laughing and became very quiet... his mood changed totally... poor fellow.

It was not long after this that back in London things seemed to return to normal... and then again it was not much longer that he found himself travelling to India, where lo and behold he succumbed... and surrendered... and he got married.

Jai Shri Mataji

Note: The horse is the vehicle of the next Incarnation, of Shri Kalki who will come very soon to sort out everyone at the last Judgment.
see: the 2 topics on the subject of Shri Kalki

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