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Cloakroom Attendant?

It is something rather strange that Nick has noticed over the years... that he somehow seems to have a place associated with the care or provision of facilities for Mother in the area of personal bathroom facilities. A number of times widely spaced out, he has found himself busying himself with the cleaning or otherwise preparing the WC/Cloakroom area for our Beloved Mother.

The first recollection that he has was at the 'Open your Heart' seminar given by Shri Mataji in Dorset on 1st Aug 1981, where he was actually cleaning the toilet seat, in the room he thought was to be used by Mother.

On a later occasion, in Belgium, in September 1982, he again was involved with the cleaning and preparation of Mother's WC facilities... but equally later on the same weekend, he had reason to go himself to the toilet area himself, whilst Shri Mataji was temporarily away in Her Cloakroom. Unbeknown to him, he was approaching the very same cloakroom already occupied by Shri Mataji. There was no-one around near the door as he approached. Imagine the shock and surprise when he saw Mother standing at the basin drying Her Hands. "Oh... I'm so sorry Mother..." as he hastily withdrew and closed the door. He was immediately somewhat outraged that nobody was on guard outside the cloakroom to prevent such a calamity. So he instantly placed himself 'On Guard' just outside the door, facing outwards, to deter anyone else from making the same mistake.

Another time was on board an aircraft, flying with Mother somewhere or other. Shri Mataji was with us, sitting in the economy class. Shri Mataji had been talking to us on many things, when She suddenly expressed the desire to go and visit the cloakroom. Nick knowing what state the toilets are normally in at the back of the plane, immediately thought about what could be done. So he stood up and went looking for the flight hostess. He then saw that there was one just a few rows away talking to a passenger, so he went over and said something like... 'excuse me miss, but we have with us a V.I.P. who normally travels Fist Class, but who is travelling with us simply because She wants to be with us. Would it be possible for Her to perhaps use the First Class cloakroom area?' She of course immediately agreed and showed Mother to the 'forward' toilets beyond the dividing curtain.

The only other occasion is of a memory associated with Mother's own Bathroom at Brompton Square. We, many Sahaja Yogis, had been working regularly, day after day for weeks and months at Mother's Knightsbridge Residence. We all knew the very great privilege of so doing, and also the very great value placed on any small mementoes or souvenirs of our visits there. One day Nick found a little of Mother's Hair - wow what a find... so he took great care of it, of course. Some time later, he felt a little uncomfortable about all this... and so he decided to return it.

Rather than just placing it back where he had found it, he decided to purchase a small porcelain dish with a lid, quite small but nicely decorated. In this he put a few drops of perfume and a little cum cum, and with it he placed the Hair and closed the lid. This he then took and placed at the head of the bath near the tiled wall, not far from the taps, pulling his ears as he did so. Nobody saw him do this.

After some time, he had forgotten all about it, when Shri Mataji said, seemingly quite out of the blue... "did you leave something in My Bathroom?" Nick was taken by surprise... he said... 'Yes Mother... I made a mistake... I took some of your Hair from your hairbrush... I felt it was the wrong thing to do... and so I returned it - I felt it was wrong for me to profit from my own mistakes.'

Some time later, as Nick was driving Shri Mataji in Her Mercedes, he became aware that She was handing something to him. Imagine his astonishment when he saw it was a very large bundle of Shri Mataji's Hair, rolled up and placed inside a small cum cum box.

Jai Shri Mataji

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