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"Tell Everyone what you are doing"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Kalwe circa 1990

Sometime in the 1990's Nick travelled to India to be part of the tour, travelling around mainly
Maharashtra with Mother and of course a very sizeable following of Sahaja Yogis. Whilst there we
happened to visit, I believe it was Kalwe. Shri Mataji was staying at a bungalow there. Nick had been
working for some time on a project connected with researching Mother's many audiotapes, and was hoping
to be able to ask Shri Mataji for Her advice regarding some points that only She would be able to clear up.

It seemed that he had a chance to do just that, so one day he decided to visit Shri Mataji at
the bungalow where She was in residence. He took along with him a briefcase in which he carried a
small portable Marantz tape recorder with some spare tapes and a microphone. He went alone.

As the door was opened to his knock, he was welcomed by a Sahaja Yogi, who beckoned him
inside. He expressed his desire to possibly meet Shri Mataji for a moment, connected with some
Sahaja work he was involved with. He was told to wait just inside the front door, in the hallway itself.

Moments later, many Sahaja Yogis started spilling out into the hall, lining the hall on both sides,
right up to where Nick was standing, quickly followed by Shri Mataji Herself. She came out really
quickly... around the corner and with a big, beautiful smile moved directly over to Nick, and with Her
wonderful magnificent greeting, that gave you the feeling... that seemed to be saying... that She had
been expecting his arrival, asked if he was well... and immediately continued with...
"Tell everyone what you are doing!"

Nick was a little taken aback at this swift response to his inner thoughts and desires... but he
quickly rallied and, at the time understood Shri Mataji to mean 'Tell everyone that was gathered
there that day, what you are doing.' So he immediately said to everyone there:

'I am studying the recordings of Shri Mataji's many Audiotapes... listening on headphones… and
writing it all down... separating it all out... and then reassembling it all again, under different,
different headings... so that you can find out in a more complete and full way whatever Shri Mataji
has said about any particular topic... all in one place, complete with references to the source tapes
from where the material was obtained. It is called as SahajVidya.org.uk'

Then… without a further word, Shri Mataji was gone.

Later, he discovered the recording, by chance (of course we all know that these things are never
'by chance'), of 25 th July 1989 in which Shri Mataji is telling us to do just this. What a marvellous
spontaneous confirmation! Afterwards, and also more recently, it has felt that the 'Tell everyone what
you are doing' really referred to the whole global collective in general. So somewhat belatedly, perhaps,
here it is. The project was named SahajVidya, and was first presented to Shri Mataji in
book form, rather like a dictionary or an encyclopaedia, at Heathrow Airport. Later, the material was
converted to a form more readily accessible to any Sahaja Yogis in need, in any part of the world online,
as long as they had a computer. It is now to be found at: http://www.sahajvidya.org.uk/jsmsy
and has undergone much development, and expansion since then. Now it has reached something of a
culminating point, where it may be used as perhaps a quite good ‘starting point’ in any studies that
anyone wanting to go deeper might usefully employ.

The SahajVidya web site in its present rebuilt form is the result of approximately a 20-year
continuous study of nearly 380 talks (as audiotape or videotape recordings). It was started somewhere
in the late 1980s, and is comprised of 100% pure extracts of Shri Mataji's Speeches. Nothing at all
is included unless found on a tape recording, no matter how basic or fundamental, or even how well
known the material may happen to be. No transcripts at all were used, because they were found in
the main to be unreliable. It was later developed into the current online version, which itself was
started sometime in 2001. It is felt that, although it is virtually impossible to cover absolutely all of
the knowledge given so graciously by our Beloved Mother, it none-the-less has reached a sufficiently
advanced stage, that it can now be offered... to firstly Shri Mataji Herself for Her to use as She
Herself so Wills... in whatever way She so pleases… but also to our great family around the world...
the family of Sahaja Yogis. Recently a file was discovered in which the date of the start of this project
was stated as November 1996 – but the earlier preparation was likely much before this, and
of course, if you include the initial preparatory cleansing by our Holy Mother, it started the day he
received his Realisation, back in 1980. [So to date, it has been almost 37 years of total dedication.]

There are around 2600 topics listed (approx 1600 larger topics and another 1000 smaller entries),
which may be accessed via the Main index, with at least 12 charts, and 36 listings of
techniques & Treatments... all displayed in various and different categories for ease of study and
general educational advancement. In addition there are graphics for use as Aids for assisting in an
educational environment, as well as a growing set of Sahaja Literature, created from the results of the
same research, which forms the basis for this site. Interspersed with all this there is a moderate sized
collection of Photos to surprise the viewer along the way. This whole collection is by nature of
the project undertaken, only a partial record of what Shri Mataji has said to us all. Maybe someone
one day will do a more complete job. It is neither a complete nor a full record of everything known on
any particular topic, or even everything that Shri Mataji has said, but represents what so far has
been 'chanced upon'.

Where there are sometimes contentious issues, research has often turned up appropriate advice
given by Shri Mataji, which has been made available as mp3 audio recordings, of which there are now
over 130. Finally there is now included a set of what is believed to be ‘more reliable’ transcriptions.
These have not been used in the research work, and are only included here because there is a vast
array of 'unreliable transcripts' in circulation worldwide, and it is important to correct this by making
available as accurate a set as possible. But still beware of unintentional errors, which might still be there.
It should be made clear that the ‘compiler’ of this website has had no influence, nor has had
any input towards the present collection of transcripts. Finally there is now in process, though
temporarily interrupted by a computer crash, a series of introductory ABC topics to explain in some
detail quite a range of subjects covered by She Who is verily The Incarnation of Shri Adi Shakti,
The All pervading Power of Lord God Almighty, Sakshat Shri Sadashiva, Shri Paramchaitanya,
Shri Parampuja, Shri Parabrahma Namoh Namaha.

Every single topic can be easily downloaded and printed out for distribution and used for
whatever purpose, as long as it is for the upliftment, the fulfilment, the promotion and the
betterment of Sahaja Yoga... and as long as it is used for the glorification of Shri Mataji Nirmala
Devi... and Sahaja Yoga.

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In the history so far of Sahaja Yoga, there has unfortunately been quite a lot of misinterpretation
of the material given to us by our Holy Mother. Much has been added to and indeed imported by all new
people coming in to Sahaja Yoga... from wherever they were before they joined the Sahaj family.
Much has been 'contributed' by various Sahaja Yogis for whatever reasons. This all
has been accepted, incorporated into, mixed in with, the body of Pure Knowledge, given to us by
Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, resulting in sometimes a quite considerable degree
of contamination or adulteration. Sometimes there has been just plain simple misunderstanding of what
Shri Mataji has spoken about, or even just a basic unwillingness to try to understand new, sometimes
novel concepts... like Shri Ram's beautiful quality of Sankoch... a special quality of the Right Heart,
so desperately needed in this England - the quality of the Heart in Action... the activity of the Heart.

As a result it becomes necessary to somehow sort everything out once more, in order to return
to that which is intrinsically the Pure and Absolute Divine Knowledge. The only sure way is to resort
once again, to " Listening To Mother's Recorded Words, And Then Sticking To That Alone...
To That Only, And Nothing Else."

However, it is not quite as bad as it would seem - a starting point has already been made with
the SahajVidya web site. We only need individually and collectively to build on that.

Remember Mother's words:

" whatever is not on the tape you should not listen to… whatever is on tape is authentic…
whatever is recorded already should be accepted " (890725)

Finally, where there are some controversial issues, the only way to resolve these cases is to
once again search out Mother's Advices (fortunately there are plentiful recordings available) and simply
accept whatever She says. Here there is also a growing collection of mp3 clips. But here again, we
need to be brutally honest, and face ourselves, and where necessary, recognise where we have
ourselves been complacent, or somehow lacking in our integrity, or application to the proper study and
understanding of what Shri Mataji has said to us.

Then, after all this, if we still beg to differ, then what else can one say except... perhaps...
"One has to be either very very brave... or perhaps very very foolish to take up a stance, a position
that is in opposition to She who is the Creator... the Enjoyer... and indeed She who is Beyond All...
and from whom all Absolute Knowledge comes... the Source of all... that is good… beautiful… and Joyful"

A reminder once again...
"If it is on tape... it should be accepted... if it is not on tape, then do not listen to it!" (890725)

May Humility & Wisdom prevail... we do carry a very great responsibility indeed. Jai Shri Mataji

P.S. In addition there is also, a growing 'collection of resources', called "Treasures of the Devi"
which is available on hard drive, This is a collection made available to satisfy the need for "Good Quality"
material for promoting Sahaja Yoga to the general public. Too often in the past, and still we
see it happening, we have perhaps failed to present Sahaja Yoga in the best light.

With poor quality Audio's and Videos, and less than perfect literature to distribute, we risk too
often losing very good people who otherwise might stay, and boost the growth of our Sahaj Family. So
here a personal plea... to all who consider themselves to be Sahaja Yogis... lets try and make that
effort... to go all out... and promote the Sahaja Yoga way of life... in a way which will please She
who is the source of all our Joy and happiness. Vijay Shri Mataji

And finally, there is now an attempt to ascertain the validity, the integrity of various ideas promoted
by ‘doubtful means’ all round the world. Many new ideas are being thrown into the mix, and are
claimed to be from Shri Mataji – but those who have been around, and know, and have learned from
Shri Adi Shakti Herself, also know that what is often claimed to be, is not always what it seems.

So be aware… and be careful…

Jai Shri Mataji

Note: To all this may be added now the latest development of now re-launching this newest and
latest version of this SahajVidya.org.uk website, in a totally new layout, presenting Sahaja Yoga in a
more friendly way that will it is hoped answer the needs of all people around the entire world.

The Corollary of all this is the amazing things that have been happening with the re-build of this
Sahajvidya.org.uk Website which has been ongoing for quite a lengthy period of time, right up to this
present moment. This Nick has been working for a considerable amount of time on rebuilding this
website, and during all of this, he has experienced a quite colossal amount of negativity trying to
prevent him from achieving some degree of success. It has become almost overwhelming recently...
the closer it starts to become some sort of a distinct possibility of succeeding, the greater the
effect it seems to have. The experience has been already recorded elsewhere quite recently and is to
be found in the account written up in the Group 9 section of Miracles. This Website is so close to
completion, that we are currently expecting it to be achieved, possibly even this weekend. Then all
that will remain will be the occasional random miscellaneous update, and of course the ongoing
ABC series of Topics created especially for Newcomers to Sahaja Yoga.

Vijai Shri Mataji and Shri Mataji Prasanna

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