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Surprised Detachment from female companionship

Where Nick was living in Chiswick, and where he had been living for about 20 years or so, whilst he matured into Sahaja Vasta, the state that you reach where you know for sure you are on the right path, he had met many people and given Realisation to many Seekers. Much of this time he had led a life of asceticism through circumstance, plus on occasion, he had enjoyed
the married life also.

He had been tested on many many occasions, but had been blessed to be protected
from the usual errors that befall oh so many of us in this permissive society in the West.

He was none the less very surprised when on one day several years ago now, he discovered that he was blessed with this quality of detachment. There was a very nice girl living right next door to himself. He liked her, and one day he bought her a nice bouquet of flowers which he left for her outside her door. Shortly after her return from work, there was a knock on his door. She was standing there, with the bouquet in her hands, apologising, & saying she felt a bit awkward and could not accept these flowers. Nick was at first embarrassed, but took them back. Then as he stood in his hallway, he looked at Mother's Photograph, and saw and felt the amazing peace, and freedom from any and all attachment
to this person. He was astonished that he could be so unaffected by this, on the face of it, this rejection.

So he was able to reassure this lovely person that she would not be embarrassed by this unusual event, and be forced to move away for any reason whatsoever.
He was able to say to her that she would not be bothered by him, and she could continue to stay where she was, and that they could continue to be friends... which is what continued to happen right up to this day.

Jai Shri Mataji

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