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Amazingly Rapid Cure of Split Nose
early 2015
Early in the year 2015 one Saturday very early in the morning
this Nick rose quite early to go down to the river to throw some old used limes,
before returning to his flat to return to his interrupted sleep.

When he got there, he parked the car and taking the bag of limes he
crossed the road which was at that point the actual bridge. The bridge was in total darkness. The builders had finished their work of repairing the concrete balustrade at the side of the bridge itself, but had not yet installed the new lamp posts running the length of the bridge.
So there was absolutely no light of any kind whatsoever.

So, he did not see the rope that they had left there. Crossing the pathway towards the side of the bridge, he tripped... and went flying.
It was so dark that he could not see where he was going, and instinctively he looked up, just before colliding with the concrete balustrade. He was badly shaken of course, but did not lose consciousness.
The upshot was that he managed to return home and lying down, fell asleep.
Later that same day he managed to attend the Flood St meeting.

The following day he went off to the A&E at the local hospital where they cleaned him up. The split ran from very near the tip of the nose right down into the right nostril. and had split also the cartilage of the nose itself.

When he had got home that night, he had pushed some tissue into each nostril to prevent the blood from blocking the nose completely. Then thanks
to Shri Mataji's Blessings, he then promptly fell fast asleep.

The amazing thing with this story is that exactly 7 days later whilst in Chiswick Park the very last vestiges of all scar tissue fell away completely.
During that 7 days, whilst lying down, he fancied that he could feel
the actual healing process actually going on.

Amazing... full recovery in just 7 days.

Jai Shri Mataji

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