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Mother's 75th Birthday

On the occasion of Mother's 75th Birthday, story told elsewhere, there was so much Joy the result of Nick's having listened to Shri Mataji, and obeyed Her absolutely without any questions at all in his mind of any kind. Shri Mataji has told us all so many incredible things, that often we just do not accept, without some question or other thought getting in the way. It often happens. This time it was the explanation given us By She who is Adi Shakti, about how Indians calculate their age which is distinctly different to the way we do it in the West. In India they start with the day you are born. This is Birthday No 1. Then 12 months later is Birthday No 2. Then No 3. and so on. With us in the West we start with No 1. at the stage when we are 12 months old  So in the Indian tradition,
we arrive say at the 3rd Birthday, a full 12 months ahead of the one calculated by Western traditional methods.

So what this Nick did, he correctly calculated according to the method described by Shri Mataji so many years ago... he had not forgotten, and so he arrived in India a full 12 months ahead of just about everyone else. As a result he may well have been the only one there who actually had got it right.

The result was that he was rewarded with an almost non-stop continuous string of miracles that never seemed to stop. The Joy also was in abundance... so much so that this Nick could not quite believe it...
and as a result he started thinking... 'why... what had he done... why so much Joy... perhaps Mother wanted something from him, in the sense maybe She wants him to do something'. But no, at that moment Shri Mataji turned to look straight at Nick, who again reverted to his former state of tremendous Joy. Mother was just giving him all this as part of his reward if you like.

Jai Shri Mataji

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