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Nightingale Lane Ashram

One of the early Ashrams that this Nick lived in was that at Nightingale Lane, quite a large building not far from Chelsham Road itself.

Whilst there, he recalls  that a quite early miracle for him was connected to the Photograph that was being used for meditation purposes. When he arrived at the Chelsham Road Ashram, he was struck by the actual 'Living' appearance or quality of the Main Photo which had been placed on the 'arms' of the armchair that was used in the Meditation Room. It was a largish Photo, in full colour... and it looked like Shri Mataji was actually there in person.
Well when he transferred to Nightingale Lane, he had a sleeping area in a longish line of sleeping spots with others in the male ward. He had noticed the very strong qualities associated with the various Photos that were available, and so he selected one which had particularly strong qualities, and on which there was no smile at all. He placed this Photograph in line with his Sahastrara whilst he was sleeping... and continued to do this night after night. What he quickly noticed was that very soon, the Photo changed so that it now had a smile where there was none before. Thank you Mother.
It is now commonly accepted by most people that it usually does not take long for new people to
be amazed at the speed with which a smile will appear on which ever Photo they have been given
or for the expression to change on that Photo, something which on reflection is an impossibility.

Jai Shri Mataji

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