Miracles and Other Stories
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Miracles and Other Stories

Shri Hanuman, minibus mechanic extraordinaire

This miracle happened some years back, not sure exactly when but it was very soon after the mini buses were first acquired at the end of 2007, and it was in the car park of Egerton House in Chiswick. It was when the minibuses were first being brought on line in the UK to transport Yogis around England primarily to the new National Centre at Bloxham farm, near Banbury.

The main man driving the minibuses at that time was visiting the home of a Sahaja Yogi in Chiswick, fairly regularly, and on this occasion had parked the minibus down the road a short distance before coming in for a cup of tea and a chat. He had cleared some rubbish from the front of the bus which he brought in and dumped in the waste bin before sitting down. After a while, moving around the flat and chatting for some time, he returned to the minibus for something.

Some time later he came back to the flat, obviously upset and moving around the flat, here & there, looking where ever he had been, and it soon became clear that he could not find the minibus keys. He went back and forwards, up and down between the flat and the bus several times, searching amongst the fallen leaves in the gutter, and where-ever he could. He even decided that he may have left the keys inside the bus... and so he forced the passenger side window open to get inside so he could search there... but no... still no keys.

After eventually giving up, and sitting down for another cup of tea... suddenly the solution dawned on him. He had retraced his steps in his mind. He stood up, went over to the rubbish bin... looked inside... and there... lo and behold were his keys!!!

Anyway to cut a longish story rather shorter, he then had a brainwave... and somehow decided that the Sahaja Yogi where he was visiting was a bit of a mechanic. So despite assurances that this was not really the case, he insisted on leaving the minibus there in the car park downstairs at the back of the flats... insisting that this Sahaja Yogi would be able to repair the broken window for him. At this point, it was impossible to close the passenger side window at all - it would have meant a tremendous gale blowing in upon anyone who was being transported.

A day or two later the Sahaja Yogi who lived there thought he would at least have a look at the problem, and see what if anything that he could do.

He managed to remove the panelling on the inside of the door, to see if it would expose enough of the door/window mechanism so that a repair might be achieved. There were just a couple of smallish holes through which you could put your hands to explore the inner mechanisms. It was impossible to see inside, so it all had to be done by 'touch', by 'feel'. It was clear that the glass, whilst not broken, had been forced below the metal arms and levers that raised & lowered the window. Despite all efforts it was just impossible to lift the glass up past these metal arms and levers... back to where it should be, even after many repeated frustrating efforts. Then at the point of giving up... suddenly his thoughts went to Shri Hanumana who he somehow 'imagined' looking down on all his rather puny efforts.

Immediately, and I mean immediately, he felt the glass vanish from his hands. He started to feel around for the glass... and then started to follow the glass to see where it was... and then to feel for the edges of the window to find out where exactly it had ended up. He was absolutely astonished... to find it now in the upper part of the door, sitting in the runner or track on the right hand side, along which the window normally runs. Then he felt for the left side of the window... and again astonishingly... it also was sitting in its runner! All that was left for him to do was to raise it up, past the remaining mechanism that actually supports the weight of the window itself, and then finally to replace the panelling... and job done.... wow... what a miracle... involving the gross material physical matter. What an amazing thing... all the inconvenience... all the hassle... and then to come out of it all, with such an amazing miraculous story... so to this Sahaja Yogi a fantastic fabulous reward all in itself... So I have to say... my sincere appreciation to our driver, who unwittingly provided such a wonderful tale to share with everyone.

Jai Shri Hanumana


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