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Shri Hanuman’s help in Jessop House

Shortly after moving into Jessop House, the new sheltered accommodation unit in Chiswick,
we realised that we needed some extra furniture to store much of the miscellaneous bits &
pieces that were still littering the floor in the living area. So off we went to look at a place
recommended by the warden lady, that supposedly had some second hand furniture that we
could look at.

When we got there it did not look so promising, but anyway we went inside to see what was
there. It was pretty full, and so we went round the whole store. In the complete collection we saw just one piece that was immediately of interest. We checked the measurements, and they seemed to be about right. It was a cabinet with 6 deep drawers that opened and closed very easily indeed. It looked heavy, and when we tried later to lift it and move it into the building in Chiswick, we found indeed it was heavy… very heavy indeed.

It cost just £40, was of high quality and seemed just what we were looking for. So we took it.

Later when we got back home, we found indeed it was incredibly heavy. The two of us tried to carry it indoors, but failed. Even after removing the 6 drawers, so we decided to use the car to reverse up onto the pavement area and reverse as close to the main entrance as we dared. This still left a sloping concrete approach to the front door. In the absence of a suitable trolley, we had no other option but to push this cabinet along on the rough concrete and into the building. Inside the front door we could slightly more easily push it the remaining distance to just outside the flat front door. We then went inside to sit down and have a rest and of course a cup of tea.

While we were there, Nick suddenly started giving a very obvious Bandhan. When asked “what is that for…?” he replied…”Of myself, I am not possessed of any Superhuman strength, but I have experienced it” and then he recounted the story of the miracle that happened in a circuit training class in Hammersmith a few years ago. A little while later, he got up and went out to where they had left the cabinet. Without thinking much about it, he then manhandled the cabinet by himself through the flat doorway into the hallway, turned it, then upended it and got it into the living room and half way across to its intended final resting place. Now Nick was not in the best of health and was somewhat shaky at the best of times. So, do you have a better explanation of how all this happened than to conclude that it must have been that Bandhan that had brought Shri Hanumanji’s very welcome assistance, to make light work of a very heavy job?

In conclusion, the cabinet fitted perfectly into its allotted space. What’s more, the items that were intended to be accommodated within it, all fitted perfectly and it fits well with the other furniture that is there. And finally, the scarring of the end of the cabinet, when we pushed it over rough concrete, does not show. It can later on, if necessary be covered or sanded down, if required.

Jai Shri Hanumanji Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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