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Saved by News of Mother’s Passing, in Australia – Treasures Collection

23rd Feb 2011

For years, ever since recordings of Shri Mataji's talks have been duplicated and distributed, Nick had always honoured the royalty system that was employed… and indeed advocated its continued use. Then a little later… on reflection he concluded that, as Shri Mataji Herself advocated, we should perhaps give consideration to the Samayachar… the need of the time… and also if in any doubt, we should also possibly consider the sacrificing of the lower goal… for the higher goal… where ever there might seem to be some sort of a conflict of interests.

So it seemed quite obvious that the over-riding issue was quite clearly the saving of humanity. Equally clearly… we were not doing so well at this. We needed to see where we were falling short. So it followed that the lack of apparent progress had to be addressed. To this end, it became clear that we needed to remove all obstacles to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga Knowledge… worldwide!

Mostly the 'obstacles' can be seen to be of our own making - the introduction of the 'royalty' system can be demonstrated to be Sahaja Yogi led. There is a now quite well known recording, where Shri Mataji tells us that we cannot charge for Divine Knowledge… not even a single pie (a low value Indian coin).

Following on from all this, Colin took with him to Australia a copy of a hard drive, on which was a collection of Sahaja Resources. It was called: "SahajVidya Collect'n…Treasures of the Devi" and contained, at the time. around 200Gb of miscellaneous material, including a large collection of Audiotape recordings. There were also quite a few Video Recordings, amongst other things.

This was made available to Sahaja Yogis in Australia, free of all royalties. There was quite a lot of interest, until one day it came to the attention of the 'so called’ leaders who were running Sahaja Yoga in Australia. They then decided they had to call a special meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to decide: "What they were going to do about this 'Rogue Sahaja Yogi' in London who had produced this hard drive collection."

Quite obviously this collection, and the principles involved, would lead to the undermining of their cherished principles whereby they had an assured source of income.

As reported later to this Nick… that as they sat down to start their discussions about what to do… then… i.e. at that particular moment in time… it was right then at that moment… when… 'The News of the Passing of our Beloved Mother' arrived.

You can imagine the shock. All 'thought' of what they were about to embark upon… of what they were about to do… evaporated! All was forgotten about… and apart from a rather half-hearted enquiry some time later, all was abandoned.

Nick has experienced before many times, Mother's Protection. But this is something else. If Shri Mataji will give this degree of Protection to an issue as critical as this is… it has to carry a very great deal of weight indeed.

Vijay Shri Mataji

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