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The Right Sided Presentation

Back a few years, at Hampstead, there was a time when a new style of 'presentation' was tried. As it happened this Nick who previously had done the job, was present and watched what was happening.

The new man was quite right sided, meaning he was a bit too much 'in charge' and he was telling to do this and to do that etc. Not being in the 'centre' he was therefore not really meditative himself, and so when the time came for the actual experience, very few got it. So at the end he went round the whole meeting talking to each of the new people in turn. Whilst this was going on, Nick had turned to 2 people, a boy & girl, and spoke to them. After ascertaining that they had not yet felt anything, he worked briefly on each one in turn, and gave them the experience.

He had just finished when this new Yogi who had been running the program came over and barged into this Nick in such a way as to push him aside so he could take over. But Nick who had been in a deep witnessing state as he spoke to these two, just stood, with absolutely no effort, just like he was a big tree trunk rooted to the spot. He did not even budge a single millimetre, but this New Yogi himself bounced off this Nick/Tree trunk sort of thing, and fell over, but very quickly recovered and came back again. Then Nick remembers that it was like the two were talking whilst under the canopy of this 'Nick/Tree' who was fully aware and looking down upon them.

A week or two later, Nick was approached by this Yogi to try and find out what had happened. Nick then told him the salient points, and the next time he went to Hampstead, he again was running the meeting,
but this time much more centred

Jai Shri Mataji

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