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Pole-Axed crossing Europe

On one of the many occasions when we were travelling to a Puja in another country, driving across Europe, we stopped briefly for a rest on the side of the road, a relatively minor road with virtually no traffic. There we were just enjoying the quiet and taking the chance for a quick bite with some sandwiches we had brought with us. So then this Nick started playing with a discarded Coke bottle, using it as a make believe football. Now this Nick, it should be said, had no expertise, no real interest in football as such, just enjoying the skills of others when playing at international level sometimes. So he did not know how to play the game at all.

So what happened is rather strange... and quite funny really. He started doing a sort of make believe dribbling of the 'ball' whilst not actually touching or even moving the 'ball' at all, just dancing around the coke bottle. Don't understand why he was doing this, maybe it was just Mother's Play.. and nothing else. Then one of our number, a rather tall SY just stood there watching Nick's antics for a few moments... then he thrust out one of his legs, well directed.... straight at the feet of this Nick, who promptly fell headlong as if pole-axed, like his feet stayed where they were, while the rest of him fell without bending, straight for the very hard road surface. As he fell his body stayed quite straight... and his arms went out ahead just a little. What happened was as he fell, one hand made contact first with the tarmac, then he rolled onto that arm, and continued to roll along that arm... and he felt the road surface making contact all along firstly his left arm, then his back, then his right arm, as he rolled right round, and finally the momentum of this rolling motion continued into sort of throwing him upright again into the fully standing position.  What could have been a fairly damaging and possibly serious accident became quite hilarious funny, & that gave us all something to break the monotony of endlessly driving across Europe. Nick felt the contact but it was all broken up into manageable little components that did not do any real harm.

And the SY? who was he? Well it doesn't really matter - it was all Mother's Sweet Play any way, and just lightened the journey for us all.
Jai Shri Mataji

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