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Invited to accompany Indian Sahaja Yogi, as the Groom chose a Sari for his new bride

1984 Indian Tour

Whilst in India on 0ne of the regular annual tours, he was asked by one of the Indian Sahaj Yogis there to accompany him whilst he was going with his new bride to be, to help in his choice of a suitable wedding sari for the upcoming occasion.

The Main Party of Sahaja Yogis was then occupied with Shri Mataji at an event at a place called Pimpri. where Shri Mataji was giving a program.
Nick went along, in a state of deep meditation. They all went to some shops that specialised in good quality Saris, and all sat on the floor, cross legged as was normal.
They must have been there some considerable time. All the time they were there Nick did not move or budge an inch. After quite some time, they still had not even chosen their sari, but Nick felt they had been there quite long enough, and so decided to make a move, and so he made his excuses and left, alone, to find his way to a 2nd shop that he'd visited earlier to make his own choice of a dhoti for his own wedding.

Nick was not familiar with the areas involved, and he usually was quite nervous with venturing out alone in such strange surroundings, but on this occasion he felt no nerves at all, and ventured forth quite unfazed by it all. He selected his purchase and made his return to the main body of Sahaja Yogis still with Shri Mataji, using a rickshaw taxi that was available. All this was for him quite an adventure, having no-one to accompany him.

When he arrived after quite a longish ride, he was greeted by the then leader, Gavin Brown who came over and made close contact with him, saying that Shri Mataji had said some complimentary things about Nick, that he had changed the most out of all the UK party on this tour. So I guess he was hoping that some of it might rub off onto him.

Jai Shri Mataji

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