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The incorrect Photo ID card

Then there was the time when we were all gathering
at one of the large exhibition halls, such as Earl's Court or Olympia,
for a giving Realisation event that we were regularly running at a number of places, mainly in London.

We oft times needed to work out a way to get our helpers into the hall to work on our stall. This sometimes would present
us with problems of various kinds, especially when they started to introduce the Photo ID cards.

One such day, this Nick was volunteered to go to the security barrier to collect one of our helpers, a biggish man. He
firstly grabbed an ID card from a small pile on a side table, to take with him, but did not check whether it was the correct one...
and set off to collect his man. At the barrier he of course recognised who it was, and he immediately came forward
and passed Nick on his way into the hall and on to our stall. As he did, the security man accosted this Nick
and took the Photo ID card , and said... alright, lets take a look. He took a very close look... then handed the card back
to Nick, saying that's fine sir...that's ok... and off we went, back to our stall.

When we took a look at the ID... well would you believe it... it had the Photo of one of our well known Sahaj Yoginis!
How we are all looked after, when we are doing the work of The Divine in these events

Jai Shri Mataji

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