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Once again,
Tell everyone what you are doing”
part 2

There is something of a miracle happening with the ongoing work that is keeping this Nick working flat out,
for the past, I don't know how long. I think it is fairly well known that this Nick has over the years, been plagued by
PC crashes of all kinds having to resort to the help and goodwill of his Sahaja Peers who have rebuilt his PC
on numerous occasions. Yet still, he is plagued by continuing crashes, even the 'blue screen of death' which
he has lost count of with this most recent rescue 'rebuild'.
Most recently, this has obliged him to contact his helpers in Canada, where his servers are located, asking for help
and an explanation of why he could not contact his web site for Synchronisation, and why when he did,
his PC would invariably crash. He decided to stop worrying about all this, and just to focus on making
the remaining improvements to his web site, locally, and to do the necessary a bit later on, to upload his files.
His PC was continually crashing, yet also continually recovering from this 'Blue screen of death' - I cannot
understand it, nor can I explain it, unless there is just one thing I've noticed. Each time there is a problem,
this Nick would give a Bandhan, whilst thinking of Shri Hanuman, and every time that he did this
there were strong cool Vibrations! And also, when he made any changes to the design of the web site,
he would save the changes and switch to the browser to see if all was ok. There he would see
the small circular icon indicating that the PC was doing something or other. At this
he would hit the 'Escape' key to stop this ongoing activity, and then continue again. So he was
making some change or other, saving, switching to the browser, and again hitting the Escape key and so on.

After some hours of all this, he decided against all the odds to try for a Synchronisation again. Nonsense really,
because he had had no success with keeping contact with the Canadian Servers for ages. Still he tried...
with quite a degree of nervous anticipation... and lo and behold... there was no problem... and the 'sync'
worked perfectly. This happened last night! And today, it has just happened again. I can hardly believe it.
Previously I was loath to make any claims about miracles with regard to the work on upgrading and
updating the web site, but how can I avoid it at this point?
All I can say now... is... Thank you Shri Hanumanji... Jai Shri Hanuman... ViJai Shri Mataji.
This makes sense now when you think of Shri Mataji's instructions when in Kalwe in India, when
She said to this Nick "Tell everyone what you are doing."
The web site is now almost complete. He will continue as long as it pleases Shri Mataji for him to do so.
The latest development is that he has now decided to write a story of his childhood dream called “I always wanted to be a Garden Sprinkler” which has so far taken him his whole life to achieve. It is his autobiography, and he has also
DECIDED TO REWRITE IT UNDER THE REVISED TITLE... “I always wanted to be a Water Sprinkler”
Then he will probably ditch this old worn out PC and switch to the other new PC built so graciously by Kam Lum who lives in
Derby. - Thank you so much Kamji... and of course...
Thank You so very very much Most Holy and Beloved Mother...

Jai Jai Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Deviji

Shri Mataji Prasanna

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