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Our Beloved Mother's Hair

On another occasion, when we were all working at Shri Mataji's Residence at Brompton Square,
near to Harrods in Knightsbidge. London, this Nick
found by chance in Mother's bathroom, some of
Mother's Hair, on Her Hair brush.
What a find... to come across some of Mother's very Precious Divine Holy Hair... wow.
So without thinking he just took it and looking after it... he kept it carefully.

A little later, he was thinking what he had done, and started to feel a little uncomfortable,
so he resolved to return it.

So he went out and purchased a small ceramic nicely decorated dish with lid.
In this he placed the Hair with a little cum cum and some incense, replaced the lid
and placed this nicely back in Shri Mataji's bathroom, at the head of the bath, near the taps.
No-one saw him do this, & he left the bathroom & went about his work elsewhere
in Mother's Residence. Then he forgot all about it.

Some time later, several days in fact, Shri Mataji spoke to him... and asked him if he had
put something in Her Bathroom. He of course immediately confessed that yes... he had
found a little of Her Holy Hair on Her hair brush and had taken it. Later he felt this was wrong
and felt it was not right for him to profit by his own mistakes, so he had returned it.

Then later still, when he was driving Mother's Mercedes somewhere, and Shri Mataji was sitting
in the seat beside him, he was aware that Mother was holding something out for him to take...
it was a normal sized cum cum box, and inside it, filling it to capacity
was a ball of Mother's Holy Hair. Oh my God... such a gift.

The upshot of all this was that he somehow created a small leather pouch, just big enough
to hold this Hair. To this he attached a suitable cord so that when you hung it around
your neck it fell exactly onto your Heart.
This he wore for quite a while like this. Then he loaned it to his wife who was in need at that time.

He unfortunately no longer has it, because his ex wife decided she had to return it, but
the unfortunate thing is that she gave it to someone to hand it back, but it did not arrive.

Jai Shri Mataji

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