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In the very early days for Nick, when he was staying at Nightingale Lane Ashram, and he was still a bit of a rookie, it was suggested by Mother  that it might be a good idea for him to travel to India and join the tour that was habitually conducted there. He replied, yes Mother, but he would need first of all an operation before he went, because of the rather basic toilet and bathing facilities there.

The upshot was that very soon another Sahaja Yogi who was also staying at the same Ashram, and who was a practising GP, volunteered to examine Nick and get him admitted for the required operation. This he did and very soon he was told his operation would very shortly be performed at a local hospital, where he would be staying for a few days. So he was admitted and the operation was done for haemorrhoids.

The amazing thing here is that the operation went so smoothly, with no complications at all. Not only that but his condition following the operation was second to none - he was able to sit upright immediately on a hard dining room type chair, was free of pain, had no diarrhoea following on from the operation or anything. His experience in the hospital was like a holiday camp, and he was soon considered fit for discharge.

He travelled soon afterwards to India for the tour, and was quite shortly after that married at Bordi to an Indian lady, his first wife who then came to England.

Jai Shri Mataji

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