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Shri Hanumana at the Nepalese Mela, Richmond
Aug 28th 2011

My second 'Material level miracle' for want of a better description, meaning that it involved something of the physical or material level being affected by the miraculous event, was when we were building the Sahaja Yoga Stall, consisting of 2 gazebos, tied together, side by side at the 2011 Nepalese Mela at Richmond. It was the 28th August.

Yours truly actually arrived a little late, after the stall had already been built. When he arrived he found that the quite large banner, some 4 metres long and just under a metre deep i.e. from top to bottom, was suspended from the eves at the front of the gazebos, and thereby almost completely obstructing not only access to the inside of the stall, but also blocked any view of what might be happening inside.

So, having agreed with those who had built the stall that it might be a good idea to rearrange things a little, we started by moving the banner. This we did by folding the 4 metre long banner twice upon itself, lengthwise to end up with only the Photo showing... about 1 metre by 90cm. On this we fixed 2 'eyelet' type clips, on the top corners, and proceeded to hang it onto the back wall, suspended from 2 small holes in the roof material, with 2 fairly long S-shaped steel hooks, to form a large Altar Photo.

We had started with 2 hooks much larger than actually needed, just to get the Photo in approximately the right place, and then proceeded to replace each of these with smaller and then smaller hooks til we got it exactly right. The final left side hook was in place ok, and then we started to get the right side hook ready.

The final hooks were about 3" long and the holes were quite small, so it was not easy to get the hooks through the holes single handed, because it was difficult to get the angle that was needed to thread the hook through the hole, whilst the other hand was holding the Photo, already connected at the other end, & at full stretch. So, just holding the intended hook up, in position, to measure it for suitability, suddenly it appeared that something strange was happening. A patch about 2cm diameter of the roof material started looking 'out of focus', or foggy, like it was melting.. or some such thing, right at the place where the curved end of the hook was. Then it dawned on us that perhaps something very very unusual had happened... the realisation came that maybe... well maybe... I mean, did we just see what we thought we had seen?

At this point, half suspecting, we gave a tug, just to test... and yes... the hook was actually in place... through the hole, absolutely secure. The Photo was in place, suspended from the holes in the gazebo walls - job done! The hook had miraculously passed sideways through the canvass type roof material, until it was in place, correctly threaded through the hole... and yes we did... we did see it happen... right before our very eyes!

Was this Shri Hanumana again?

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