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Navaratri Puja 2015

When it came to the 2015 version of the Navaratri Puja, for which the UK was the main host country, this Nick was no longer in the habit of travelling to these overseas events, for a number of reasons but mainly it was linked to his advancing years - he was now 76 years of age, and felt the travelling to be getting a little much to bear. He had been complaining about his lack of fitness for some time, but mostly people did not notice or give credence to his now slightly weakened condition.

Additionally he felt now quite clearly the lack of that quality that our Dear Mother has so often spoken of, the caring quality of the right Heart Chakra, this Sankoch that is the very important quality of Shri Ram and exists on the right side of our Heart Chakra and which is so sorely needed in this country. It seems that we are mostly completely and blissfully unaware of the desperate need for this loving and caring concern for others. We are just too self centred, and as long as we are ok, well what's the need for anything else.

I suppose this Nick was just as bad as anyone else for quite a long time, but now as he gets older, he begins to feel it more and more. But we are in the Heart, and it is for us to rise to the challenge of looking after and caring for those who have gone before... who are now more elderly and also those others in need of our help.

When the time came for making plans for going to Navaratri Puja, Nick at first declined, saying he was physically now a little beyond it. However this was not accepted, and he was put under some pressure to come along. Very reluctantly, after some persuasion, he finally agreed, with just one caveat, one condition... that the 2 Sahaja Yogis sitting either side of him would make the effort and just look after him, because he felt he had no longer the strength to look after himself. So the deal was struck, and so this Nick went along.

What a disaster. It is now, as he writes all this, it is now August 2016, almost a year has gone by, and the onward march of the advancing years still goes relentlessly onwards. The basic misunderstanding is simply that he no longer has the strength or stamina for which he previously was well known. His decline is unfortunately getting more & more obvious, though people in general are not seeing it so well. So when we all arrived at Cabella, Nick was already in a weakened condition, and it was not helped by the apparent off-handed way that his questions were dealt with. He was dropped off, alone at the first stop, miles from the Puja site, at a newly acquired property that was a bit run down and being renovated to put it politely. The bathing facilities were suitable for at most a youngster, or someone in his prime, not for an old age pensioner. The most obvious and glaring impression of all was just simply... "The lack of the Love and Compassion" or put more simply "The Total Lack of the Heart Qualities" - the lack of the caring and Concern for others that was the characteristic of the Heart Chakra for which this Navaratri Puja was in fact being conducted.  We were just too wrapped up in our own little bubbles of self concern and self contentment.

So this all being the case where do we stand with
You have a big responsibility... You can save the world
What do we make of...

Unless & until we learn a little Humility... we are not going to do very well in England...
Sankoch the qualities of the Heart put into Action
The English have to learn to Love...

So we now have to arrive at a conclusion

The Heart is very important... arguably the most important organ in the entire body

So we need to sit up... take notice... decide what we must do...
take responsibility
and do what is correct and what is called for...


and take pride in it

Jai Shri Mataji

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