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A ‘Pick up thy bed & walk’ moment

The Ongoing situation
Now today 14th June we were discussing SY in a positive Responsible way – felt very good
tomorrow 15th June 2016 - Self Realisation at, Finchley, feels good also
now acting responsibly & accepting the task before us?
see how it feels tomorrow

On the day, it was an amazingly memorable day – man with Multiple Sclerosis who responded extremely well.
We had gone to one of these places where people with all sorts of problems are living, either simply suffering from old age,
or some other debilitating condition. When inside the reception room, we were preparing for whatever was to come,
when the door opened, and in walked a seemingly very old man, with walking stick.
He walked over to Mary and spoke to her. She immediately directed him over to this Nick, who then stood up
and welcomed him, and told him to sit down in an easy chair, facing Mother's Photo.

He was immediately asked to remove his shoes, and also his hat.
Then his Kundalini was raised quite strongly... and followed by a massage of his Vishuddhi, shoulders and neck.
He was worked on for maximum 10 mins or so, [actually it was probably a little longer, but that is all it felt like]
and then was spoken to.
He felt quite strongly his own Kundalini very high above his head, first with one hand, then with the other.
He was then shown how to raise his own Kundalini, and told how to meditate daily, and recommended to attend
the Hampstead meeting and of course given a copy of Mother's Photograph. It was explained that all this benefit that
he was feeling was not from this Nick, but it all came from this Lady in the Photograph. We were just acting as Her channels.

Nick then said to him... "ok... lets see what you can do..."
So at this point, it was suggested that he stand up, and walk over to Nick (without his stick)...
then when he mentioned his room on the next floor up, Nick suggested that we try to go there and see how he managed...
"ok now you walk ahead... I'll be right there behind you... I'll bring your stick in case you need it... you open the door... I’ll be
right there in case you need help, but you go ahead, lets see what you can do."

Then, "You normally use the lift, let's see how you get on with the stairs."
So the upshot of all this was he was able to walk without his stick, up and later down the stairs, and in his own room
was able to do all sorts of exercises, bending down & touching his toes, bending his legs so that he crouched very low
almost touching the floor with his posterior, then bending over backwards to very nearly falling over backwards, before
standing upright again, then standing and lifting both hands & doing a circling movement with his hands on both sides of his chest... all unaided - He was delighted!

Then asked how old he was, he said 37 - WOW [He looked around 80]
Then when asked what his problem was... he said he'd had a fall in the underground in 1992 and fell twisting his leg
and had suffered since then with Multiple Sclerosis. He was taking some 57 pills, and was from Malta. His name: Kevin S
[So 25 years with Multiple Sclerosis, and a miraculous recovery after just 10mins Sahaja Workshop]
Felt like a “pick up thy bed & walk” moment, ( but be careful!)

His suggestion simply put was "we should pair up, you and me... and travel the world.. and tell everyone
what has just happened"

He was absolutely delighted
Jai Jai Jai Shri Mataji
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