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When Shri Mataji's Head left Her Body

This is a story of a miraculous happening that seemed to have no understandable explanation, at least at first.

Nick attended a Puja in Cabella whilst he was still in his 2nd marriage, and the part which he recalls is at the end
of the Puja, when everyone was dancing and enjoying the music. At that time he was standing near the front on the left
side of the Puja Hall, but in such a position that he actually could not see Mother, who was hidden from view because
of the Collective Video Camera that was directly in line with and blocking all and any view of our Beloved Mother.

When Nick attends Pujas with Mother present in Her Physical Form, even when She is not so present, he goes into deep
meditation which only increases when he is up and dancing to the music that is being played. He closes his eyes and is
somehow lost to everything that is happening around him. Just occasionally he opens his eyes, only to close them again as he continues with his meditative dancing.  After some time, he did just this, opening his eyes for a moment. This time as he opened his eyes, he suddenly was aware that Shri Mataji was looking straight at him with a big smile on Her Face. But that was impossible... the camera was in the way... and it is not exactly a small camera.

What he saw was the whole of Shri Mataji's Divine Face, not just a part of it, but Her whole Face, like it was framed
on 2 sides by the camera body itself, on the right, and also by the control arm of the camera, above. This time Nick did not close his eyes but kept them open and kept looking at Shri Mataji, who just kept on focusing on Nick with this beautiful smile. Then as he watched, still dancing, Her Head started to move directly upwards vertically and slowly disappearing behind the control arm part of the camera, til it was no longer visible. All that was still visible was a Glow, as Her Head then started to move horizontally now, back in line with Her Body. If you can imagine, if Mother had strained Her body to see round this intervening camera body, She would have had to move Her Head in an arc... but no... Her Head moved first vertically, then horizontally.

Now for the life of him, he could not figure out why on earth Shri Mataji would bless him in such a way... with such an incredible miracle. He just could not understand it at all. He thought of this thing.... he thought of the other... he just could not fathom it at all. Nick had had for a very very long time so many miraculous happenings, so so many... that he often wondered how on earth could this be happening. Even after returning to England, he still had not fathomed it.  His Faith in Shri Mataji was already insurmountable. A little later his 2nd Marriage broke up!... and he started wondering if this might provide some possible explanation. Maybe he
was getting some extra boost to his already overwhelming amount of Belief and Faith in our Mother.

Then, just now as he was writing this account another possible explanation offered itself.

There is another Miracle Story that needs telling, but Nick was uncertain how to approach it... or even if he should do it at all. Over the years he has been aware of many things happening in his life in Sahaja Yoga, and has often hinted at them, but somehow lacked the courage to stand up and say what is happening, or even to be able to explain them.
Something that has quite often happened, is that he somehow in fact finds himself somewhat in discord with many of his peers. This was actually happening in his 2nd marriage, & he ended up again splitting from his 2nd wife. This was something that he did not actually want but it was forced upon him.

So the new miracle if we can call it that is that he started to learn in Sahaja Yoga, to take risks... and he found that
when he did, he was never punished... but that in some way he was rewarded.

This new understanding starts to make sense, and then maybe Shri Mataji was rewarding him in some way
for an action that he had as yet not even taken... but in fact soon would… i.e. he seems to have been rewarded first, before the actual thing that was to bring that very same reward… also he seems to have been awarded, if you like, the reward in advance of the thing that was required of him to do, and which would bring that reward. I hope that this makes some sense to whoever is reading this.

Jai Shri Mataji

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