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Mother’s visit to the UK in 2006

   In early 2006, Nick recalls we here in the UK as well as those in the rest of the world I guess, were more or less beginning to get accustomed to the situation which was not very comfortable for us, of living in a new situation, that we had not known before. For some time now we had not heard Shri Mataji speaking to Sahaja Yogis at any of our usual meetings, like at Pujas or in fact just about anywhere else for that matter. Shri Mataji's Health had been in question and She was apparently not responding well to medication that She was being given. I say ‘apparently’ because if you see and understand things on a different level, it becomes easier to understand what was going on during that period of time.

   We must remember that Shri Mataji is Mahamaya, and if we keep that thought in mind constantly, then only, can we make sense of what was occurring at that time. The last time that Shri Mataji spoke was some time in July 2004 and from that time til April 2006 She was not speaking to any of us – seemingly due to severe health problems. She was on powerful medication, which did not appear to help the situation. And for us in the UK, She had not visited the UK at all during that period. I did not really know what was going on, but it was clear that we (the UK Sahaja Yogis) were not doing so well… we were somehow falling short of what was expected of us by the Divine. Towards the latter part of this period, it became more and more apparent, as when Shri Mataji did start to travel, She seemed to go to other Countries like Italy for example, but She never came to England. She would come to Europe, by-pass England, and go on to somewhere else, such as Italy and then return back to Her Residence again by-passing England.

   Nick was fairly sure that this was not accidental… that maybe we were coming up short somehow. No one else seemed to be aware of this at all. Our behaviour in the UK was less than desirable. Our attention was scattered… on superficialities instead of where it should be, inside on the Spirit. No one seemed to be thinking that this bypassing of England by Shri Mataji was significant – what was happening… why was it happening?

   At this time, Nick started meditating at home on “God Realisation”. He did this same thing day after day. Time seemed to be no longer relevant. He does not recall how long he sat meditating… or even for how many days. But it went on for some time, several days, maybe, I don’t know, maybe into the 2nd week. Then he started to hear news, gradually filtering through… that maybe Shri Mataji might be visiting the UK. Wow! He continued meditating… then he heard Shri Mataji would possibly be locating somewhere in west London, not at the farm! Again he continued meditating… then he learned that it might be somewhere in Chiswick… Wow… what next. Then it was in Sutton Court Rd… oh my God… then we learned the address, just across the road from Nick’s flat. Nick continued to meditate, but now he started to offer his flat in meditation to Shri Mataji, for Her use in whatever way She wished. He knew She would not be climbing the stairs to his 2nd floor flat, even if the flat were in other regards suitable – it was obviously totally unsuitable, but as an ancillary accommodation for others in Her party, it might be of use.

   Then he continued both to meditate, and also to hear more and more details coming through, bit by tiny bit. He learned that it would likely be near the end of April. As Nick’s birthday is on 21st April, he was of course interested to know just when Shri Mataji might arrive. Then at last he learned, that She was arriving on the 22nd April of 2006. Nick could hardly believe it.

   The final bit of this amazing story of Her Arrival in the UK was that because of the close proximity of Nick’s flat (just 2 minutes casual walk across the road, door to door), the committee then approached Nick to ask if they could house visiting Sahaja Yogis at his place, 6 people at a time for just 2 days each, for a period of 2 weeks as it turned out. Of course Nick was overjoyed.

   Then followed a series of miraculous events, during the whole of Shri Mataji's stay in England, which each need recounting separately, to do them all justice. So this Nick will do in the accounts that will follow.

   It is I think desirable to try to understand… why was all this happening. To Nick this all seemed to be, on one level at least, simply an ongoing progression in the events that had been in train now for many years… a gradual progression in our education if you like, in our training to eventually become stronger and stronger, more able and capable for our eventual roles as Sahaja Yogis, fully capable of standing on our own 2 feet, without having to rely on our All Powerful Mother, for constant protection… and for Her constant guidance. It all seemed to start way back in the very first few years of Sahaja Yoga in England. We here in England had always been used to almost constant contact with Shri Mataji… almost every day, if not at Her weekly Caxton Hall meetings, then at regular Pujas, informal get-togethers, at Shri Mataji's Residences, at music programs etc etc. But at the years end, Shri Mataji would depart each year for India for the winter. Times were then very strenuous for all of us, left behind in England, til the always happy day, when we would be always overjoyed to again welcome Shri Mataji back to these shores.

   This went on like this for many years, gradually getting slightly better, as we no doubt grew each year, and our squabbles got less and less. The annual separation from our Beloved Mother got gradually easier to bear. The next development seemed to take place not in England, but in places like Italy, where we at first always experienced our visits for International Pujas, where our accommodation was in the Hanger, right next to Shri Mataji's own Residence, the Castle, at the top of the hill. This continued also for several years, before this also changed, and the accommodation was moved down the hill, and eventually down back along the road that led to Cabella itself. Each time the distance of separation was increased, so that slowly we all gradually became accustomed to what eventually became the accepted norm for us all. So then we arrive at the time in 2004, when the most devastating of all events seemed to happen… when Shri Mataji's Health appeared to suffer, and She stopped talking. The separation seemed almost complete. We were being obliged to respond in the only way that we could… by adapting each time to enforced situations that we had no control over. We were finding out how to adapt, how to conduct ourselves in the absence of She who was for us our very ‘Reason for existence itself’.

   Shri Mataji started speaking again in April 2006, and later in the Guru Puja 2008, She outlined for us all, the roles that we should play from now forward.

   There remained only one further step in this progression… that which happened on 23rd Feb 2011, which was a shock for us all. It can only be said here, that for those who had already practised thinking of, and relating to Shri Mataji mainly on a spiritual level, the transition was slightly less traumatic. The relationship for those who were already used to thinking of Shri Mataji as Eternally Present, as Omnipresent, a Great Spiritual Presence, was little different to what it was before.

   So now we are the Sahaja Yogis who are the ones who must carry forward Sahaja Yoga for future generations. We have a very great responsibility, to safeguard, to preserve the purity, the Holiness, the sanctity of that Pure Knowledge brought all this way to be bestowed upon us all for our own, and our progeny’s salvation and future well being. Let us not waste it. Let us not adulterate it. Let us not trivialise it. When one sees the extent that we interact with each other on the social media, on very superficial levels, one wonders where we think sometimes that we are all heading.

   Let us all proclaim now within our own hearts, that we will be… truly strong and devoted Sahaja Yogis, dedicated fully to Shri Mataji, who is now as always, here with us, and always ready to assist and help us if our aims are truly Sahaj, and may Shri Mataji be proud of us all as Her Beloved children… but first we have to earn that… by first of all doing everything that we can to please our Most Gracious and Beloved and most Holy Divine Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Jai Shri Nirmala Devi

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