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The Mortlake Children 2009

2 weeks ago we were visited by a 15 strong group of youngsters, who came
into our meeting for the 2nd time, asking if they could join our meditation group.
7 of them we had seen 3 weeks before, when we gave them Realisation. The rest
were new to us, so we spent some time giving them Realisation, before actually
starting to talk to them as a group. They were very attentive, all of them.

Over that intervening 3 weeks, we saw obvious changes in their behaviour,
as 5 of the original 7 immediately sat down to meditate very nicely.

We told them the absolute minimum to get them going at home with the Photo.

Last week we were again visited by 2 of them who wanted to come in and join our group.
We said to them 'we have seen changes in you all'... 'do you feel the changes happening inside you?'
They simply replied... 'Yes'.

This is all very exciting for us, to see such changes in a group of kids that the locals are
extremely wary of. They, the adults cannot yet understand how this change in their
behaviour can come about so readily.

10th July 2009

Again we are feeling the attention of the children at our local Richmond/Mortlake meeting.
Last week we were visited by 4 of the children, 2 of whom were very attentive,
and sat quietly, asking many questions. They readily learned the 'Raising Kundalini'
and 'Applying Bandhan' techniques, before leaving in an orderly fashion, before
the adults arrived. One of these 2 boys was in fact the most disruptive of them all
when they first came, back in July. This time he was the best behaved.

The following week we were again visited by the better part of the complete gang.
They were as a group quite disorderly on this occasion, having reverted to their old
style behaviour over the intervening 9 weeks. As we all must surely know, from
our own experience, whenever we neglect to attend Sahaja Yoga sessions regularly,
we suffer... taking sometimes several steps backwards... before we once again recover
and start to move forwards again.

So it is with these children, some of whom are in their teens.

They are showing undoubted signs of a strong interest in learning to meditate, and it is for us
to rise to the challenge and guide them along the correct pathway... before we lose this golden
opportunity for ever.
12th Sep 2009


Last Wednesday, we had a visit from 6 children, of whom 3 were new to us.
They were very young, and so sweet. It was raining, and the wind was blowing,
but still we had to stay outside with no shelter, as we gave them their Realisation
trying to protect the Photo from getting wet. As we were talking to them,
two others who we had seen before, and who we'd not seen for some weeks,
were interrupting us and trying to stop what we were doing.

Then one of the 3 new children, very young, asked... 'why are you punishing us
for the wrong things that the others are doing?' We had to try to explain why,
with all the fear and concern for the safety of our children, our society was
trying to be very careful to get checks done on people who would be dealing
with our youngsters... so as to protect them. That was why we could not go inside.

This story is told, because this issue will not go away... and we here in Mortlake,
and also from replies from other Sahaja Yogis who have sent in their responses,
it seems that we are not alone... others too would like to be able to join in this effort
to save our kids. This is the Divine Universal Heart... what are we doing if we cannot
go all out to save our heritage... to look after our children. We know that we have
the answer to society's problems in regard to the unruly behaviour of our children.
With Our Beloved Mother's Very Great Blessings, this problem can easily be mastered...
hopefully the required support and assistance will soon be forthcoming... that
will enable us to do it.

Until then we here in Mortlake will continue to do all we can to respond
to the needs of the moment... as and when we are faced with the task of
meeting with these children, and showing them the 'loving face' of Sahaja Yoga.
But it is a little ridiculous that we are obliged to run special sessions outside,
in all weathers... when we have a perfectly adequate room just feet away.

18th Sep 2009

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