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Given the choice which do you go for
the Money or the Joy

There was a time when Shri Mataji suggested that it would be a good idea to hire a minibus and take a Group of Sahaja Yogis overseas to Europe to travel round following the tour of a number of Pujas there.

As there were a number of occasions when something similar happened, we will here focus only on the amazing things that happened regarding the managing of the finances of this trip.

Nick had hired the minibus, and as he was also a driver, he did much of the driving. He did not want to
be constantly worrying about the money side of things - he felt rightly or wrongly that this would
really spoil the whole trip. So he ignored it completely. Fortunately there was a Sahaja Yogi amongst Us
who was more concerned with this and felt it was right and proper that we all bear the cost collectively. He discussed it with Nick, who said to him "we don't want to be constantly chasing people for money. If someone offers, then we can accept it, but don't go to them and ask for anything."

It was a fairly longish tour, which everyone enjoyed very much.

Nick was also the video operator for the whole trip, so what with driving, operating the video
and handling other things that needed attention on the trip, he had quite a lot to do. He none the less
did not feel the burden of any of it, and when the time came to return back to the UK, he felt as fresh as at the start of the whole trip.

They returned back to visit Shri Mataji at Her Residence, where She said a number of interesting things.
Firstly She said that Nick had done a lot on this tour. Nick responded 'Mother, it did not feel that He was doing anything at all.' She then said "That's because you were not doing anything."

Think about that for a moment - first 'he was doing a lot on the tour' - and then 'he was not doing anything' How to make sense of these 2 seemingly contradictory statements?

How else except to understand that everything was done in a state of meditation.

Then She said "I must repay you for all the expense of the tour" to this Nick very quickly responded:
'No no Mother... this is my chance to do something for Sahaja Yoga... to do something for my part.'

It seemed very obvious that it was a choice between: The Cash... or the Joy.
If his attention had been on the money all the time, he would very definitely have lost out on the Joy.
This doesn't even need thinking about.
And he has never needed to worry about money - he is not exactly well off - but neither is he ever short.

Jai Shri Mataji

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