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(By the Grace of our Glorious Mother’s “Effortlessness” Meditation)
( 2012-2018 )
Imagine my shock & surprise, amounting almost to disbelief, as a practising Sahaja Yogi, after more than 30 years of a complete dedication to Shri Mataji and Her Teachings, and to the constant practice of Sahaja Yoga for practically the whole of my life since I got my Realisation, as I listened to my hospital surgeon telling me what he had discovered, as I lay on my bed recovering from an operation to remove 2 apparently small tumours from my bladder. He told me that he had been astonished to find instead of 2 small tumours… that there was one very large tumour right into the bladder wall… that he had removed ‘as much as he dared’, without rupturing the bladder wall itself.

I had just been told… that I had cancer… and that the prognosis was not good… that I almost certainly would face the total loss of my bladder - in fact he was giving me no chance whatsoever of saving my bladder.

This all took place at the end of June 2012. I had first noticed something very wrong on May 9th when, after showering and shaving ready to go to our local Sahaja meeting, I noticed much blood being passed. There was no pain or discomfort at all, and absolutely no warning that anything was wrong. There was no urine… just pure blood. I phoned my GP, who was thankfully still there, and after a short visit, he set in train events that would lead to my present position, lying on my bed in the hospital, listening to the surgeon who had just operated on me.

This staggering news at first had it’s effect, as you might well imagine, but after a very short period, & mainly due to my being a disciple of our Beloved Mother, recovery from this dreadful news was in fact thankfully quite rapid and it was possible later that same day to telephone to some Sahaja Yogis and relate to them the shattering news that I may well lose my bladder.

The prescribed treatment for cancer, Chemotherapy and then Radiotherapy was followed and through all of which I was surprised to find… was to all intents & purposes, for me, fairly plain sailing, having taken into hospital with me my iPod loaded with much music and videos, the music mainly being of Krishna Das and of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I think it was maybe ‘quite something’ for many of the nurses and patients to see – there amongst many other patients mostly quite solemnly stuck into their various novels, not smiling or talking much… while there was this guy head phones on, toes tapping, with an almost permanent smile on his face, enjoying and listening to the music or watching a video of Shri Mataji. Treatments were sometimes lasting the whole day – a long slow intravenous drip.

At last, my treatment ended 5 days before Christmas 2012. Then started my regular visits to the clinic8 at the hospital and also with my GP. My condition was during this time a little weak, and I developed an emotional problem also, which for me became my own ‘main’ reason for travel to the Vashi or Belapur Sahaja hospital in India (which really was the result of persistent efforts of both Jim and Dominic, who insisted… that is where I should go to clear out any traces that might still be left over – thanks guys).

My visit there is a story in itself, and one which will be narrated a little later on. Suffice it to say here that I returned… a different person, healthy and happy and fit once again to take my place in Sahaja activities.

Now what really happened to this Nick in Sahaja terms? Well that is very interesting. Almost immediately after being diagnosed, I started receiving many ‘Advices’ from many different Sahaja Yogis, all very well intentioned – of that there is no doubt whatsoever. They consisted of everything from various articles on Cancer, through many different recommendations such as reciting the Devi Kavach 2 or 3 times a day, to reciting 1000s of Names of the Deities, to the Atharvasheersha over and over, and even to various favourite therapies, such as bitter Apricot kernels (which I actually quite liked, and was in danger of getting addicted to) & to Swedish Bitters and quite a few others.

With many of these, mostly the ‘Names’ and the ‘Kavach’, they actually involved a lot of effort. I tried them… but somehow I could not do it… reciting endlessly the Kavach or the Names, time after time… I just could not do it. I kept falling asleep. What a struggle! Then I decided to fall back onto the ‘tried and tested’ method that I had actually been using for years and years now with, for me, great success.
(This is the main Miracle, of this whole story... of not doing anything at all to achieve what is an amazing story of such amazing Divine Grace)

A long long way back now, I had discovered the way to empty my head of anything that was going on around me, and just to get into the silence of meditation, wherever it may be. So even if it is in a Puja setting, or a Havan, or just a Sahaja Meeting somewhere, I would just ‘meditate’ whilst at the same time listening, to perhaps the bhajans or the Talk etc. I would not generally join in with the singing… occasionally I did - I found that actually using the vocal cords, seemed to bring down the level of the meditation somehow. If I was to speak at a meeting, I would first sit and empty my head and meditate and only get up and start to walk to the front to start talking, once there were 'no thoughts' – when my hands started to feel cool - i.e. when the Divine, when Shri Mataji started to tell me... "Now you are ready..." and when I then did not actually know what I was going to say. Then, when I turned round to face everyone, all the words would just start flowing out. This technique I had been practising for some years, and started developing maybe back in the time we were having our National Pujas in the West London area - a long time ago.

And so then I found a Clip of some Advice from Shri Mataji from a tape dated I think in 1980 where Shri Mataji is advising what seems to me to be the very simplest and easiest of methods for successful meditation. It is called: “Effortlessness – the way to meditate”. Here it is:

(This mp3 audio extract can easily be found on the SahajVidya website – the genuine or old or original SahajVidya site, not the other one, which has just recently appeared. Just use the following link, and go to the first topic under ‘Meditation’…
Effortlessness: How to Meditate 800101.mp3 

"In the same way the vibrations… vibrations are coming, they are radiated. What you have to do is to expose yourself to it, the best is not to put in any effort, don't worry at what point you have a problem. Say many people during meditation I have seen, if they catch somewhere they go on looking after it, you just don't have to worry, you just let it go… and it will work by itself (800101)

So you don't have to put in any effort, this is what meditation is. Meditation means exposing yourself to God's Grace. Now the Grace itself knows how to cure you… it knows how to mend you… how to settle down itself into your own being… keep your spirit kindled… it knows everything. So you don't have to worry as to what you have to do, or what name you have to take… what mantras you have to do. In meditation you have to be absolutely effortless. Expose yourself fully… and you have to be absolutely thoughtless at that time (800101)

The other side could be people just doze off… no, you have to be alert. If you doze off nothing will work. That’s another side of it, if you are lazy about it nothing will work. You have to be alert and open… absolutely aware… completely effortless, absolutely effortless… if you are absolutely effortless, meditation will work the best. Don't think of your problems at all… whatever chakras you have, anything… just expose yourself (800101)"

"In the same way the All Pervading Power starts working… you are not to manoeuvre it… you are not to do anything about it… just be effortless… absolutely effortless… don't take any names, do not bother if your Agnya is catching, this is catching, that is catching - it is working out! It will go on working as long as it can, and it will do the miracle that it has to do… you don't have to worry about it, it knows its job. But when you put in an effort actually, you create a barrier for it. So no effort is needed, be absolutely effortless and say let it go, let it go, that’s all… no mantras to be chanted…

When you put your hand towards me that's the mantra… is sufficient, this gesture itself is the mantra. You see there is no need to say it more… but with the thought in the mind, the emotion should be there… we have now spread our hands to that, and it should work. When this emotion is absolutely complete… there is no need to say any mantra, you go beyond it… so one has to be absolutely effortless, absolutely effortless… that is what it is.

Meditation is for your own ascent… is for your own capital gains, that you have to have… but once you get into it, you also achieve your powers… like, you become a governor, you get the powers of the governor. At this time you don't have to think about anybody else, you are not to put your attention to anybody else, but just receive it… just receive it. Do not think of any other problem, but that… that you have to be effortless… absolutely effortless. It would work best on the people who are just receiving it.

You have problems, that’s why you are here… but you cannot solve them - they are to be solved by Divine Power. This must be understood fully, that we cannot solve our problems. It is beyond us… to solve our problems. So, leave it in the hands of the Divine Power, and expose yourself effortlessly… absolutely effortlessly. Sit in comfort and… properly, with both the feet on the ground, with both the hands relaxed like this… be comfortable, you should not be uncomfortable at all… be very comfortable, because you have to sit for quite some time… and you try to put your attention to me, within yourself… if you can… to my Kundalini, if you can.

So 'effortlessness' is the key word… absolutely effortlessly… whether you are meditating before me, or before my photograph (800101)"


So with this Advice in mind, I simply put aside all the Very Well Intentioned advices that had been sent me… and resolved to surrender to the Divine, and trust that it would all work out - if it worked, then great… if it did not, then… well so be it.

Just like that: Let Shri Mataji's Will Be Done - whichever way it may be.

So this… Nick did – he actually did… nothing!!! He just silenced his thoughts, stilled his mind… and did nothing… no thoughts… no mantras… no prayers… just silence and surrender.

I will repeat that…


……… Everything that was done… was done… by The Divine

So, if it works for cancer… & so far it certainly seems to have, then why not try it for all our other everyday things. And remember just one thing: The sky is the limit, it truly is.

One final thought:
Someone recently asked the question... "how to empty your head and still your mind"… and the reply...

... well, first you need to meditate... regularly... after you have got your Realisation of course, and then read or listen to, and ‘take in’ Mother's Advice re 'Effortlessness' and try to put it into practice… but remember ‘not to try’ - seems like a contradiction doesn't it? But I think you will understand what I am trying to say.
   Also, you can…
1st Raise the Kundalini very strongly, and often, plus Bandhan of course. Then 'Not this not this, etc' ... and then… 'Be still, this mind, be still' i.e. Command your mind to 'be still'... and of course regular practice.
   Also you can sort of visualize the space around you as being sort of a sea or an ocean, within which you are, and dissolving into that sea of Divinity, like a drop (you) dissolving into the ocean (the Divine). Then enjoy the stillness and the silence...

Postscript :

Since all of this, Nick has been attending the hospital for regular checkups. These take the form of CT scans, and cystoscopies (mini camera up into the bladder on the end of an endoscope). So far, all CT scans have come back negative. His only cystoscopy so far has also been clear. He has a cystoscopy scheduled for mid Oct this year 2013.
He feels he is back to his old style of a deep joyful state in general… with one proviso… one small change - he now finds it very difficult to tolerate what he sees as a poor Protocol in many areas of Sahaja Yoga activity, poor Recognition or poor Presentation/Promotion of Shri Mataji & Her Eternal and Pure Sahaja Yoga Teachings. Some areas are good, of that there is no doubt… but there are many that are still in need of a little caring, loving attention… This remains for me an area that I am fully committed to, and that I am currently extremely concerned about.

All the specialists at the hospital (Charing Cross) are saying that the cause of cancer of the bladder is either heavy smoking or some sort of industrial chemicals inhalation. This Nick was, before Sahaja Yoga a very heavy ‘chain smoker’ – some 45 king size cigarettes per day. He stopped spontaneously at Christmas in 1979 in Africa when he ran out, with no local shops open to ‘come to his rescue’.

Alan H told me on the last 2 occasions that I met him, that he recalls Shri Mataji telling everyone, in the old days, that many of us were at that time suffering from many illnesses, but that we were not aware that we were ill… but Shri Mataji knew. For me this makes sense, because I have many times been aware that an illness that I had at that time was in fact being kept ‘in check’, by Shri Mataji's Grace, by Her Presence, by Her Blessings. And so it was… with this cancer, only coming to the surface, some time after Shri Mataji's passing.


If anyone remembers this ‘memory’ recalled by Alan, especially if it is 'on tape', please advise soonest, as it is very important for us all to know.


A big “Thank you” to everyone who, to absolutely everyone, who sent in or offered their kind wishes, and blessings… & their particular remedies… to all who sent their bandhans, their prayers and their love.

And that is another story. One Saturday as this Nick was resting at home in the very early part of this story, just after he first learned he had a tumour, he became aware that he was receiving bandhans from his friends and family, and that he presumed they were coming from the Flood Street meeting. Some of you may well remember Shri Mataji describing how we can sometimes feel drunk from vibrations. Well on that weekend… he found that he could not talk to anyone without a very marked and pronounced slur to every word he spoke. And he does not drink – honestly… not now anyway. Thank you… Thank you… thank you all.

And… Thank YOU Shri Mataji…

Jai Shri Mataji… Jai Shri NIRMALA Nirmala Nirmala Devi…

Let THY Will be done……… always… & for ever… until the very end of time…

Jai Shri Nirmala Devi

2014 Update

It is now the beginning of September 2014 and I have just, this last week, been told by my Specialist Doctor at Charing Cross Hospital, that my most recent scans and cystoscopies have all shown that this Nick is now clean – her words, not mine. My next scheduled check up is now to be September 2015! Wow – Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. For those who still doubt… here is the evidence... the proof.

Just re-read the transcript above for the Effortless Meditation… and have belief… and faith…

For you it may not be cancer… but so what… have faith… and do what Shri Mataji is instructing us to do… absolutely… and release the problem into The Hands of the Divine.

Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Ma

2016 update and also 2017 & 2018 and now, in 2019 (still all clear !)

It is now middle of Jan 2016. My scheduled Sep 2015 check-up was for various reasons, missed and so this Nick decided he should look in to the Charing Cross Hospital and make an appointment with his regular Consultant and get his condition checked out... just in case.
He needn't have worried. His Consultant, a very good lady Doctor, who alone had given him his only hope of saving his bladder, she was very upbeat about it all, and scheduled a scan for March 2016. So the news continues to be very good indeed. Latest is that following this last check up, he is now booked for the next check, just 12 months ahead, in fact for May 2017. - This also passed without a hitch, and the next is scheduled for 2018. So to bring this story to some sort of conclusion, it has been well over 5 years since the start of this story, so here we might say... Thank you so much Shri Mataji for all your very Great Blessings
Jai Shri Mataji

One final addendum is that this Nick has just recently seen the Registrar to Dr Falconer, his consultant at Charing Cross, and he is now expecting to very soon now, be discharged - so the cure is now recognised as complete!

Again, Jai Shri Mataji and Thank You Shri Mataji

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