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Learning to Surrender the Meeting to Shri Mataji

At the beginning it is normal perhaps to be a little shy when attempting to run meetings to begin with, particularly if you are left sided or are prone to have predominantly left side problems. But with time and perhaps a little practice this gets dealt with without too much difficulty. In fact it is not uncommon to find that the Paramchaitanya when it starts flowing, makes it quite enjoyable to do. The only difficulty is that there is a danger that the ever present Mr Ego can get out of hand and take over. This can be best avoided if we remind ourselves that it is not we who are doing the talking, but that we are just the channels being used. If this is the feeling that we have, and we can continue to remind ourselves of this, then it is quite enjoyable.

So Nick took quite a long time to reach this point, but once he had done it, it became much easier.

In the end, he reached a point where he prepared himself by going into meditation before hand for 5 -10 minutes' and then only getting up to walk to the front of the hall to start talking when the Vibrations told him to. That for him was our Beloved Mother telling him 'it's ok... you are now ready... off you go' Then he would get up and walk to the front, bow to the Photograph, again turn round and start speaking... 'Hello everyone... or good evening... and so it would go on... the words all coming out automatically... until the flow ended... in which case he then stopped.

So with this approach, he never felt it was him doing it... he was able to develop that feeling that it was in fact Shri Mataji who was speaking... and this was confirmed sometimes by the words coming out... were quite clearly at least to him not the intended words he had selected to say, but were those chosen by Mother.

After some time this then sort of became automatic, and he continued to enjoy delivering programs wherever he was permitted... mostly at Hampstead, Ealing, Mortlake, Fulham and Hounslow... until the day when some more Right sided yogis decided to bring it to an end... but that is another story.

Jai Shri Mataji

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