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Learning Detachment

   There was a period when Nick was truly blessed to receive the undiluted attention and correction of our Most Beloved and Holy and Gracious Divine Mother, Sakshat Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.

Nick on one particular day was driving Shri Mataji around London, when he found himself at Piccadilly Circus and he was negotiating the section where the statue of Eros is… when he found himself mistakenly turning left into what turned out to be a narrow ‘Bus only’ lane… and not only that, but it was ‘one way only’… and we were going the wrong way! So, we found we had entered some small distance into this lane, not much wider than a normal bus, when we were flagged down by a local Bobby – that is to any non-Londoner, a local Metropolitan policeman, a big burley figure standing over 6 feet tall. He stood on the near side, close to where Shri Mataji was sitting… and started to read the riot act to Nick through the open window. Of course Nick was absolutely in the wrong… no question of that at all… driving the wrong way down a bus only lane – can't get much worse than that… in the busy mid day too.

Suddenly Shri Mataji was taking this fellow to task. If any of you have ever experienced what it is like to be on the receiving end of Mother’s lashing, you will feel for this poor unfortunate fellow. With the utmost respect to Shri Mataji, this Nick has had many such lashings… and they are not something to relish, I can tell you. Nick just sat there, a little bit ‘feeling’ for this fellow … until Shri Mataji suddenly stopped… and whilst this chap just stood there absolutely stunned… She said ‘alright you can drive on now’ or some such thing. At this, Nick put the car in gear… and drove off… the wrong way… down this busy bus lane.

Oh Ma, some of these stories are too amazing… and with respect can be so hilarious.

On another occasion, Nick had been driving around much of London… and on this occasion, Shri Mataji had been giving Nick ‘the Treatment’. All that is written both here and elsewhere is done with the utmost respect for who Shri Mataji in Reality is… and in recognition of Her Absolute Divine Status as Shri Adi Shakti. But some small liberties need to be taken sometimes when writing what used to happen sometimes… which I hope and trust that the Divine will forgive, in the interests of relating what would otherwise be truly hilarious.

On this day, Nick could only pray… and he did this regularly throughout the day, and said mantras continuously at times to Shri Hanumana… for strength and self control… that he would not react with an outburst… that he would not lose his cool… that he would retain his sense of discipline… that he would not cry out with exasperation - that would be most inauspicious and would anger the Deities, whilst beside him sat the Most Holy and Most Gracious of Holy Mothers, Shri Adi Shakti. During this particular day, this Nick was continually being told to do ‘wrong things’… go the ‘wrong way’. But Nick had to obey… he had to do as he was told. He could not disagree or argue… that was out of the question. It was quite a test, believe me.

It started with Shri Mataji saying that we were going to the City… to the East End. But then as we were moving along, further instructions were being told to Nick… to turn left here… or turn right… or change direction this way or that… only thing in common was that we were then heading in quite the wrong direction. It did not take long to realise we were in no sense heading for our stated destination. But Nick had to remember that at all costs he must obey the command of the Devi… he could in no way argue, or object. He could only obey. So it seemed just about all day we were driving seemingly aimlessly around London, never getting anywhere near the East End. It took all Nick’s strength and self discipline to control his natural inclination to explode… to pull out all his hair with outrageous righteous indignation.

Then finally at the end of the day, Shri Mataji said ‘ok it’s all over… now you can drive back home’. Nick who was by now quite exhausted, didn't know whether this was another ‘test’ another ‘trial’ or not. So, as we were driving west along Marylebone Road approaching the Edgware Road junction, and ‘home’ was to the left… he asked Shri Mataji ‘Mother, do you want me to go straight ahead… or to turn right?’ Mother’s reply set his mind finally at rest, when She said… ‘No it’s all finished… you can go home now’. Nick was so relieved… he then asked Mother… ‘Mother, everything that we have been going through… has it been to teach me Detachment? To which She replied… ‘Yes of course’.

Detachment is a very important quality in any Sahaja Yogi, so that he may not be unexpectedly thrown off balance by some chance event that may suddenly occur when least expected. Wow!

So now, when I get lost… or take a wrong turn… which still happens now and then… I should be able to say, shouldn't I, that… No problems… now, due to this special ‘Tuition’ I can hopefully and without too much drama… take it all in my stride… and maybe see the funny side of things too… at least I hope so.


Jai Shri Mataji

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