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Le Raincy Ashram

There was an occasion when we travelled across France to Le Raincy Ashram near to Paris.. We were accompanying Shri Mataji on Her tour of France, going to all the Public Programs that were being held there. It was quite busy, and involved driving round to the various programs, and managing the video recording equipment etc.

We were kept fully occupied for the whole tour. At the end of the day, there was one occasion when we were sleeping, that a call came in to say could we drive in to pick up and collect a Sahaja Yogi who had somehow been left behind. It was quite late at night, but without a thought, we got up, dressed and went in to find this person, only to find that he had gone and was not where we had expected him to be. So we turned round and drove all the way back, and just returned to our slumber.

After the tour was over, we all returned to the UK, and at Mother's Residence later, Mother was referring to this tour, and She said that we had done a lot there. We replied, Mother it did not feel that we were doing so much.
She replied that's because you were not doing anything.

Jai Shri Mataji

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