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West Hampstead Laundrette girl - 1981

Way back in Nick's very early days in Sahaja Yoga, in his first year in London, he was staying at a small Collective Centre with a couple of other Sahaja Yogis. He did not at that time know an awful lot, but he was learning fast.

In his life previously, prior to coming to Mother, he had done all the usual mistakes that everyone does. But then he started to learn, and take on board many of the new ideas that Shri Mataji was teaching all of us, who would listen... ideas that were truly in a sense revolutionary. Amazingly he had already given up his heavy smoking, also his sometimes heavy drinking, and also much of his free living life style.

Whilst living at West Hampstead he learned as we shall see a very important lesson regarding how to behave
in this new Sahaja life style with regard to the opposite sex.

There was, right opposite our residence, a very convenient laundrette which we frequented often to do our laundry. Well on this particular day, when he went there to do his washing, he met someone there who was also there on similar business. They got talking... and he found that she was a very friendly girl, who was oh so very easy to talk to. So they got to know each other quite quickly. She was youngish and very good looking.
At some point he discovered he had left something quite important behind and needed to go back for it.
When he emerged once more and started to cross the road towards the laundrette, he saw this friendly girl passing starting to go home. He immediately crossed the road and fell in step a couple of steps behind her, intending to catch her up & continue chatting to her on her way home.

But at this point he suddenly stopped, and realised what he was doing. So he then shook his head, and turning round retraced his steps, and returned back to the laundrette, without the girl.

A couple of days later, he went as was his habit in those days to the Hampstead local Sahaja Yoga meeting
which was only a short distance from where they were living. On this occasion, Shri Mataji was expected to arrive and talk to everyone who was there. As She entered the hall, everyone was lined up just inside the main doorway to receive Her and he was there also. Then as Shri Mataji came in, She came quite close to almost everyone as She walked to the front of the hall. The amazing thing that happened was: as She did so She paused in front of this Nick, looked at him and said just one word.
... Excellent!
There was no doubt in his mind what She was referring to - he had somehow passed the test.

Now he faces yet another in the endless series of such tests.

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