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   Actually many years ago now, Shri Mataji once suggested to me that I should purchase for Her a pen. Sounds a little strange doesn't it. It was a long time ago, whilst we all were visiting Her in Her Residence near to Harrods, at Brompton Square. This Nick went to Harrods and knowing that Shri Mataji did not like or approve of plastics, he asked the sales assistant whether they had any pens made from natural materials.

   The girl there brought out and showed to Nick this Lapis Lazuli pen, a little bit expensive maybe, as pens go, but never the less he thought it suitable, and so he bought it.

   This he then brought back and offered to Shri Mataji.

   Later on, many years later a Sahaja yogi told Nick that the pen was still in Mother's handbag... that She always used it when She needed a pen. The Blessings that have accrued to this Nick as a result are amazing... he seems to somehow 'not do too badly' in communications sometimes... both written... and also sometimes when speaking too... it feels quite often as if in fact it is Shri Mataji who is doing the communicating, not Nick - as long as it is about Sahaja Yoga. If it is not about Sahaj matters, then it is as normal... i.e. nothing so special, or even sometimes a little faltering or even hesitant.

   Jai Shri Mataji

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