Miracles and Other Stories
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The red Rose & the white Jasmine flowers

       During the middle Sunday, of his 2 week stay at Belapur, from March to April 2013, there was a Puja, and towards the end of this Puja, Nick experienced a small miracle as he was offering flowers to Shri Mataji.
       He was given by one of the Pujaris, a quite large amount of flowers, mainly Jasmine flowers. These Nick held in cupped hands, as he offered them to Shri Mataji. Then as he parted his hands, letting the flowers fall gently between them, onto those that were already there, they formed a carpet of white flowers, with one single red rose that had fallen right in the centre. But then, as he was looking at the flowers as they had fallen, something quite amazing happened. At first, the rose had fallen on its side. Then, as Nick pulled his hands back, and sat more upright, the red rose suddenly moved… as if an invisible hand had picked it up, ‘righted’ it and nestled it back again, right in the centre of the white expanse of Jasmine flowers. Nick’s eyes opened wide in wonder… wow!
At that particular time, he was just then pondering his possible role in offering some seemingly 'much needed' feedback to the management of the hospital at Belapur, and he wondered if this was in some way some sort of token or indication of it's portent, at that moment in time… some sort of sign of it’s possible significance for the future running of the hospital – maybe that’s something that only time will tell.

       Later that same day, he also witnessed the power of the bandhan. It was evening, and he was talking to a Chinese girl about possibly transferring a copy of the SahajVidya website onto her Chinese system, which was not really compatible with Nick’s Windows PC. They were wanting to possibly download an ‘app’ from the web, to assist with this, but were having difficulty. So Nick went off in search of an Australian Sahaja Yogi who was an IT expert. When he found him, he was engaged in a long distance telephone conversation. So he, Nick, indicated that we needed to speak to him as soon as he was free, and went back to the Chinese girl. After a while, time was getting late, so they decided maybe it was time to retire to their respective rooms. But they would just give a last minute bandhan to this Sahaja Yogi. Then almost immediately, only a few seconds later, this Sahaja Yogi appeared around the corner, and walked straight over to where we were. He announced to our total surprise… that he had just been 'cut off’. Of course we had a few laughs about this – he joked that he would be wary of us… and our Bandhans in future!

(A couple of Miracles, quite incredible really... but then when you have witnessed countless other such amazing coincidences, you cease to call them 'coincidences')


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