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Invisible Yogis

2/3 times each week in many 'West of London' Parks
During summer of 2005, based on Chiswick

   In the year 2005 during the complete i.e. the full summer, starting in April, we all who were supporting the Chiswick meeting at that time went out 2 to 3 times each week into one or other of the parks in the West London area. There were around 6 or 7 of us on average and we had a tremendous time, giving Realisation to the many people who came along.

   We covered many of the smaller parks, such as in Chiswick itself, Gunnersbury Park, Ravenscourt Park and also ventured all around that area to many parks whose names now are mostly forgotten. We also ventured into some of the bigger parks, like Regents Park and Green Park and Holland Park. We had a really great time – it was very enjoyable indeed.

   A couple of days we experienced something quite amazing.

   We all were really surrendered, not worrying about silly little trivialities, like going to ask the park authorities for permission each time. We just decided on a park, and went along, set up a fairly sizeable ‘A’ board with a similarly large Photo of Shri Mataji… and started to give Realisation to whoever came along.

   We never ever had any trouble at all, for the whole year… til we joined company with some other Sahaja Yogis from another collective from another area of London, and went to work together in Hyde Park. Then for the first time we started to have problems, and we were very quickly asked to move on. The problems started because some other Sahaja Yogis from the other different areas, were quite nervous about the authorities and were a little scared of doing anything without first seeking their permission. So as a result, we were in fact inviting the attention of the negativity… and as you might expect, the negativity duly responded.

   The highlight of all these events was in fact at Gunnersbury Park, on the Western edge of Chiswick, where we discovered that we were quite invisible to the Park Attendants, who were at that time actively searching for us, in a very small, quite limited space enclosed all round by a chain linked fence.

   In Gunnersbury Park there is this small ‘chain link’ fenced area for mums with their kids to play in. It is completely ring fenced with gates etc. and is smaller than a regular football pitch, so quite easy to see everything that is going on. Again we were about 6 or 7 of us, and we were busy moving around, talking to the mums and their children, and using the quite large ‘A’ board. It did not take so long to complete giving Realisation to everybody, and then we all sat down on the grass to enjoy our packed lunch. After some time we became aware of two security park attendants in uniform, who were standing looking at us. We had not seen them before this. They said that they had been looking for us for some considerable time, possibly as much as a couple of hours but that they could not see us, could not find us. Yet we had done absolutely nothing to hide what we were doing, not at all. It seems that a complaint had been made by an Indian gentleman on his mobile… and the 2 security men had responded quite quickly, but could not find us.

   It seems that we only became 'visible' to them after we had finished, and when we stopped, to sit down and have our lunch. Jai Shri Mataji.

   This invisibility it seems was quite amazing – sometimes we were no more than 3 – 4 metres from a bunch of security types… but were not seen by them at all, and this sort of thing happened quite often.

   Really it had to be because we were all unbothered, unafraid of offending anyone at all.  and that we simply had our attention on Mother

   I mean… all that they could possibly have done would have been to ask us to go away… to move on... and that’s no big deal is it?

   Mother’s Protection again!

   Jai Shri Mataji

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