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Indian Customs Queue

There was a time when this Nick was appointed the Indian Tour Leader for at least the UK Sahaja Yogis. There were a couple of memories that stand out, and would bear repeating.
The first that comes to mind is the occasion when he somehow knew in advance that in the upcoming session, he would unexpectedly be called upon to address the assembled Sahaja Yogi audience.

Up til then he had not much experience of addressing the collective anywhere. It was not til much later that he somehow managed to conquer his nerves, and gradually mastered the art of addressing the Sahaja Yogis, and the gathered New People at various Public Meetings in London.

So on this occasion as he walked toward the space set aside for the Yogis to assemble, he somehow got the impression... that 'somehow this Nick is going to be asked to speak presently.'
Then later on, as he was busy arranging the 'mike' for use of the speaker who was already on stage,
he suddenly got called by that same speaker, to take over the 'mike'.

This he did... and it has to be said, it was not so bad as he had imagined.
Later when he returned to London, he again was asked to speak about his experiences on tour,
and he found again it was not half as bad as he had feared.
The second is the memory of when they were all preparing to board the aircraft, bound for London.
He Nick was I/C the boarding arrangements and was at the head of the queue at the booking in desk. We were a great long queue of Sahaja Yogis, with multiple trolleys, loaded very high with baggage of all sorts, mostly souvenirs of our visit to India. The quantity of baggage was enormous, and included one Yogini's personal purchases for her shop back at home, all mixed in with everything else.

As we were checking in the very first few of our group, it became obvious
that we were going to get a bit of trouble... mostly with the amount of baggage.
At this, this Nick turned to look down the queue of Yogis with baggage, and gave a very obvious bandhan so that everyone could see, and was glad to see everyone responding in the appropriate Sahaj way. So the young lady booking us in received unknown to her the very great blessing of a monumental bandhan to help her in her work. She responded appropriately by going into a state of deep meditation. She neither moved nor indicated what next we should do... or anything. So we seeing this took immediate advantage, and started piling on to the luggage belt all the baggage we could get our hands on, one trolley after another, while she just sat there as if in a stupor, allowing
everything to be loaded - not one bag was weighed, or labelled properly... but everything was loaded.
And of course not a penny in excess charges either.
What an Amazing and All Glorious Mother we have to be sure.
Jai Shri Mataji

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