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Those Hard Nuts

   More and more, in public events like the Realisation Events that we run at Earls Court or Olympia for example, we come across those extreme cases, who are very difficult, and sometimes we are resigned to give up on them completely. In several recent events we have seen people like for example, False Guru types, Reiki Masters, Spiritual Healers, Fanatical Hindu Priests etc. Usually the Sahaja Yogi who is working on them gives up and walks away, or passes it on to someone else.

   This way, Nick has come across many like this. What happens is that at some point, after doing everything that he can think of to raise the Kundalini, and correct any imbalances, etc., trying to get the fellow to feel the Vibrations, to feel his own Kundalini… he finally admits defeat… saying to the person… 'I'm sorry… I've tried everything that I know… it’s just not working out'.

   Then as a final thought comes to him…. He says: Maybe there is just one more thing that we might try. He first checks that maybe they are feeling pressure or heat in the centre of the palm. He then explains that it is possible to ask any fundamental question of the Photo… with humility, with absolute sincerity in one’s heart, and get an answer. If the answer is Yes, you will feel extra cool breeze… If the answer is No, or if Shri Mataji thinks that you are not yet ready to know the truth… there will be no breeze or it will be hot. So just look gently at the Photo, with humility…. and... ask the question… "Mother are you the Holy Ghost?" Just ask the question three times in your heart, means with sincerity… and see what you get.

Whenever this has been tried… every time… suddenly the person gets it… he or she feels either the cool breeze in the centre of the palm… or feels the cool above the head. So then we continue with... "There you are… you have got your answer…" Now it just remains to finish off with giving them a copy of the Photo, plus a leaflet with contact address etc… and a some basic starting instructions... and a final… "now enjoy… and look after it… don’t lose it… it’s now up to you… Take care…" etc etc…

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