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Gregoire going to sort Nick out at Puja

This is a story about one of the very earliest Sahaja Yogis, who came to Shri Mataji a long time back and who was very devoted and dedicated too. We do not here write about individual Yogis as a rule but this story is well intentioned and reflects well on the individual, and also illustrates a couple
of important points, that need bringing into the light, so we can talk about them.

On the day in question, the Puja had already been done, and we were in the period of giving presents
to our Guru who was still seated in Her place on stage. People were visiting the stage
to present their country's gift to Shri Mataji. Music was being played live during this time.

At this time on most occasions, there is a small amount of noise in the background,
but not so much as to cause any inconvenience to Shri Mataji and what was going on.
However on this occasion there was quite a lot of noise, from a small section of
those assembled there who had come perhaps for their first visit to such an event,
so did not know the protocol, that would normally be involved on such an occasion.

They were standing up, and singing very loudly in their joy at what was happening.
Gregoire was the MC on this occasion, & as already stated he was extremely devoted & dedicated,
& could not bear any sign of disrespect or unprotocolish behaviour towards our Guru.

So he tried to get people assembled there to quieten down, and show respect
to She who had brought so much Joy and Blessings to everyone there.
While all this was going on, Nick, was himself engaged in his own form
of quiet celebration at the tremendous Joy felt by everyone there.
He was standing also, but very quietly, dancing in deep meditation and Joy.
So it has to be said that he carried on dancing, but very quietly.
So when Gregoire saw this, that Nick ignored the order to sit down, he started to
stride over towards him to tell him off. But he did not count on Shri Mataji taking
a hand herself. He only got say about 3 quarters of the way, when he unexpectedly
stopped in his tracks, did an about turn and went straight back to the stage.
Nick carried on dancing.

Now what were the factors that needed illustrating in this story.
Firstly it should not even normally need saying that on these occasions when we are in
the Presence of our Highly Respected Guru, Shri Adi Shakti, we should all show absolute
respect as is proper for an occasion such as this.
This also applies when we are conducting a Puja in front of the Photograph.
So this is what Gregoire was trying to bring about... quite rightly too.

The other factor that comes into this story is this. The whole event was organised to bring
about a state where everyone enters into a very deep state of meditation, which itself leads to
a very Joyous state itself. When this state is being enjoyed in a very silent blissful way, it is
a positive thing on such an occasion, and should not be controlled, which is against all or any
spontaneous manifestation of that same absolute Joy.
So the Divine prevented the interruption of this spontaneous exhibition of joy... & Nick
carried on dancing.

Jai Shri Mataji

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