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The Parting of the Seas

A very early miracle for this Sahaja Yogi, occurred at Chelsham Road, in London and which was
a very early Sahaja Yoga Ashram that was already in existence when Nick first arrived on the scene, having got his Realisation a little earlier in Birmingham in Aug 1980.

As soon as he started to attend 'follow ups' & indeed shortly after transferring to London,
when he learned that that was where Shri Mataji was then living, he started to receive so so many miracles. The trend has continued to this day, and the miracle to be told here is one which has recurred several times over the 35 years that have now passed.

The first occasion was in the very early 80's when he attended a Puja in Chelsham Road,
South London that was to become for a while at least his home, as he quite quickly moved in as a resident.

On this occasion he had purchased a very special bouquet of flowers which he intended to give
to Shri Mataji our very special Guru, who would be attending Herself there, of course.
He spent some time fussing over these flowers which he then took with him,
and chose a spot to keep them safely for when needed later on.
When the time came for us all to personally greet Shri Mataji and offer our flowers,
he had first gone to collect those that he had brought,
so he was at the back of the group, when the time came, looking over everyone's heads.
As he was looking over the heads of everyone else in front of him an amazing thing happened.
Quite suddenly the whole group parted leaving a quite wide gap in the centre
so that he found himself facing directly Shri Mataji
with all the others standing, half on the left and half on the right, not having yet spoken to Mother. He then went straight to Mother and offered his flowers
and went to Her Feet. He was there some time & did not want to get up.

This was so reminiscent of the 'Parting of the Seas' when Moses led the tribes out of Israel.

This same miracle has occurred twice more, in different circumstances.
The next was 2006 in Chiswick and then in 2008 at the Excel Centre.

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