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Difficult Fidgeting Girl

There was one day when we were visited by a new person, a female who when it came to her turn to receive her Realisation, she became very restless, and fidgety so that it was almost impossible to raise her Kundalini. She kept moving and fidgeting all the time. So it was decided to change tack so to speak, and the Yogi who was working on her decided to move round the front and stood facing her, holding in his hand a Photo of Shri Mataji. He told her to just look at the Photo and relax. Then he spoke a little about this lady and said that She had come all this way just to give this experience of Self Realisation to everyone who wanted it. He said that She was the Absolute Expert Who knew everything there was to know about this Realisation Experience. He asked her if she felt quiet & relaxed, and then asked of her 3 questions:
1. Are you comfortable with looking at this Photograph?
2. Are you an individualist?
3. Do you believe in God?
Correct answers are 1. yes 2. no 3. yes

Then finally he explained that you could ask any Absolute Question of this lady in the Photo and get an answer, cool would mean the answer is 'Yes', and 'no cool' would mean No. So he then told her to ask the question: Shri Mataji are you the Holy Ghost? and see what she got. With this, she then immediately got cool in the hands.

So there is more than one method of giving Realisation, and if one does not appear to be working,
you can easily try another.

The other comment here is that we all have to work together and support one another. It is no good one Yogi coming up and questioning what the other is doing, especially in front of others who would not necessarily understand anyway, and especially if he or she sees it has worked anyway. Better to enquire to see if we might also learn something that we did not know before.

Jai Shri Mataji

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