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Following Mother's Instructions to the letter

Whilst we were all enjoying Mother's very Great Blessings during the period when we were at Brompton Square, we were often being instructed to do things this way or that, sometimes we were told to do things that to any sensible and ordinary conventional mind would be considered quite wrong, even ludicrous. There was one such incident when our Beloved Mother instructed us to not measure and cut things very meticulously, but to just break the, in this case hardboard, that would be used to lay under the carpet before that itself was laid.

So being that it was Mother who was instructing us, this Nick decided to do exactly what Shri Mataji told us to do. So he got a bit of hardboard, which was much too big, & held it in such a way that he could get a rough idea, and then just snapped it, quite roughly. The result was that the bit that he intended to use, he threw away, whilst the intended waste bit he found he could actually fit, more or less, and the carpet went over the top.

Maybe this is why he enjoys so many miracles... he just obeys Shri Mataji... without thinking about anything

Jai Shri Mataji

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