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And then what... the First Follow Ups...

   On 9th August 1980 I was sitting in the very back row of a meeting that I was attending in, I believe it was Bull street, Birmingham, where I had gone in response to some very strange guidance that I received whilst in Dawlish, in South West of England, following my return from a short ‘Tour of Duty’ in Brunei, an Oil rich Sultanate in Borneo.

   I had never been to Birmingham in my whole life before, and I knew no one in that part of England, but never the less I went along. I was what was known as a ‘Seeker’ as I was to learn later, from the very extraordinary lady who was the main speaker there on that momentous occasion. Earlier, and for quite some time I had been doing my own brand of meditation… and I had formed my own concept… my own style if you like of an understanding about God and about religion. I was a fairly devout Christian, though not a regular church goer. I held quite a strong belief in the after-life, and considered myself to possess a strong spiritual belief… which was very important for me. But in addition, and most importantly, I was already prepared if necessary, to give up all my own strongly held cherished beliefs, if it could be demonstrated to me that I was in any way in error.

   The story is told elsewhere in a short story called “'A River in Flood' & 'Striking Oil in the desert' – 1980_9th_Auga story of how I received my Self Realisation, from this lady that I was now listening to at Bull St., Birmingham.

   The experience that I received was quite extraordinary to say the least. This cool energy that was flowing into my hands, and up my arms was more like a river in flood, or rather 2 rivers in flood, as it was flowing up both my arms… as far as my elbows. Here it disappeared… only to reappear inside my body in the region of my stomach… whereupon it continued to surge upwards in the region of my spine… up to and through and beyond the top of my head.

   This I was to learn later on was my Kundalini, awakening for the first time… shooting out of my fontanelle bone… and connecting me to the All Pervading Power of the Divine that was as it’s name implies… all pervading. The experience was truly awesome. It truly felt like ‘Striking Oil’ in the desert, as the up rush of this Kundalini energy brushed away anything that got in it’s way.

   There was also this cool energy flowing… pouring… from all the literature that was being provided, on this Sahaja Yoga as it was called… and an overwhelming sense of peace.

   Well as you might imagine, after all this, I was keen to do it all again. So I went along to all the follow-up programs in Birmingham… and practised at my temporary accommodation that I was using whilst in Birmingham. But here, I struck a problem. No matter what I did… I simply could not regain… could not re-experience the same feelings that I got at Bull Street… even at the follow up meetings that were being held at one of the practitioners homes. The original experience at Bull St. was so strong… but the repeats were nothing like the original. Try as he might... & Nick tried for all he was worth... he could not get that same experience again… it was quite frustrating - til at long last… after several weeks, eventually the penny dropped... & he simply stopped Trying...

   Then as he became more relaxed in what he was doing… then he started to get something like the original experience back again. But still it was never ever quite as strong as the first time… And there is a very good reason for that.

   On the first occasion, you are coming with no previous experience at all. The Kundalini is at that time coiled up in a sleeping state, inside your sacrum bone… in a potential state or condition, waiting to be awakened… and in my case awakened by She who is the most evolved being that you could ever imagine ever meeting. She, Shri Mataji Herself is so powerful, that your own Kundalini responds automatically as soon as She just glances at you.

   In addition, the state of your being is fully weighed down by all the conditionings and problems that form part of your life. So there is a very strong barrier to be overcome by the Kundalini in it’s first awakening. So with the weight of this barrier holding things back, the Kundalini has to rise quite strongly to overcome it… and when She does, the experience can be sometimes almost overwhelming.

   But the next time you experience it, then it is usually a little bit less strong… and more gentle. That is not to say that the experience itself is ever uncomfortable… or in any way difficult to bare, but the pathway has been cleared on the first awakening, and that pathway remains open for the next occasion. Subsequently the depth or strength of all you future experiences becomes progressively more and more relaxed and gentle… and also enjoyable as you learn that ‘Effort’ is really no help at all… but is in fact contra indicated.

   Then you learn to relax whilst meditating… and the more you practice this style of meditation, the more rewarding it becomes.

   The only ‘effort’ that is called for… is to simply try to make sure that you sit down regularly for a short period of say for 5 or 10 mins meditation at regular intervals… perhaps first thing in the morning… in front of a Photo of Shri Mataji, with a candle burning in a holder in front of the Photo. Then to look, with no effort, and with your hands open, just in a gentle relaxed way at the Photo… and enjoy.


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