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Engulfed in Flames
Mother's 75th Birthday Celebrations 1997

 Note:   This is a response sent to a quite new person who was coming regularly to our meeting at Mortlake, near Richmond in west London. She was overjoyed at the experiences she was getting, especially the feeling of being part of a new found family, and said more than once... "I can't wait to come to the next meeting!"
   She had 2 amazing experiences, one where she was meditating in hospital, where she underwent some fairly major surgery, and was able to wave away the proffered pain-killers routinely offered by the hospital staff. Secondly, she visibly regained her youthful looks, in a few weeks, and the last time we saw her, she seemed to transform in front of our astonished eyes, looking like she was some 30 years younger.

   She then somehow found these anti-sahaj web sites, and then the rest as they say... is... well, you will see below. She was never seen again, despite a number of follow-up email messages being sent.
   This e-mail is included here for 2 reasons. Firstly it sets out just one possible answer to those who have come across these really malicious sites. Secondly it relates an incredibly powerful miracle (one of many) that took place in the week between Shri Mataji's 75th (actual) Birthday & Shri Shiva Puja, in India, in 1997, just one week later.

   There is a small correction to the details laid out in the original e-mail. In fact the occasion was not when Shri Mataji reached 75 years of age, but rather when She reached Her 75th Birthday. You might say... but that is the same thing... but No... actually it is not. You see, when you reach 1 year old, it is actually your 2nd Birthday. Think about it. The very first Birthday is actually of course the only genuine one - all the others are anniversaries! So when Shri Mataji talks about just this, She of course does not talk idly about anything, so it pays to listen to whatever She says, and take it all on board, without rationalising it. Reflecting on all that happened, it seems glaringly obvious that the reason for the practically 2 weeks of near continuous miracles that were on that occasion, experienced was that 'yours truly' had listened to Mother... over the years... & had absorbed it all, without question... had remembered it when the time of Mother's 75th came along... and responded accordingly! Anyway, here is the e-mail, and the miracle... enjoy!


Dear Hxxxxxx...

   I am really sorry that you have seen all this rubbish... yes there are lots of anti-Sahaj sites. Anything that I say about this, you will immediately respond that 'I would defend Sahaja Yoga anyway wouldn't I'... and it's true... yes, of course I would, but I ask you to remember that I personally have been in Sahaja Yoga for 30 years, and, I would ask you: Are all my own observations to be dismissed solely on the strength of some crazy ex-Sahaj Yogis with an agenda of their own, with malign and perverse reasons for taking such an anti-Sahaj stance.


   Sahaja Yoga has high standards, and not everyone can make it... and when such people are rejected by their own mischiefs, they don't like it and they then start making a big mischief, spreading anti-Sahaj ideas.


   I personally can vouch for many, many impossible things happening in Sahaj Yoga, things which are indeed impossible by any standards - yet they happened. I have lost count of the number of 'miraculous things' that have happened to me.

And you too have experienced yourself already two such happenings yourself!


   Just look in the mirror, if you want reminding... are you still looking like a 35 year old? Remember your miraculous, 'painless' recovery in hospital... something that even the surgeons will not be able to explain away.


   How long have you been coming to the meetings... about 5 weeks... yet already you have had 2 amazing experiences! How can you be swayed by these nonsense anti-Sahaj sites!!!


   I will relate just 1 or 2 miraculous experiences for you that I have had... there are in fact countless that I have had over the years... and there are many many many other such accounts documented by individuals all over the world!



One of the biggest miracles that I had, which remained unbeaten for many years, occurred in India. The year was when Shri Mataji reached 75 years of age. [Correction: the Year was 1997, the year when She reached Her 75th Birthday i.e. at the start of Her 75th year, when She was, conventionally speaking, still only 74]

The reason that this is being explained in some detail is because the whole rationale behind this series of events depends on our correctly understanding what was really and in actuality going on, and the necessity for us all to properly understand it all. The day of our actual birth is of course our only genuine and real birthday, when we are not even a single day old. So therefore in normal conventional usage, when we reach our first birthday at 12 months of age we say we are 1 year old, but think about it, at that moment we are enjoying our 2nd actual birthday. So if we use the traditional or conventional Western system to calculate our age, we have to '
add a year' to calculate the number of birthdays. Also the importance of this occasion was that the celebration was not of 'Her Age'... but the 'number of Her Birthdays' being 75 in 1997!
Now to return to the story...

I had never been to India on the occasion of Her Birthday before, but this time I went. The whole trip lasted around 2 -3 weeks. For the whole trip, I was in a state of more or less permanent or constant meditation... so many individual and separate happenings took place during that period, that they are obviously all linked together by this so called continuous or permanent state of meditation that I was in.

 It started really with the arranging of this trip even before I left the UK - I never really understood how or why I had gone in the first place... I just felt I had to... and so I found myself there... in India. I cannot here recount in every little detail, everything that took place, because there is enough to write a book about it all... and this is in fact what I feel that one day I will do. 

The first recollection that I have is of moving from our sleeping quarters out to the pendal, a kind of Indian Marquee, where the collective events were to be held. I was, up til then, a little nervous of going anywhere alone, and wanted always to have someone near me, for company. This time I ventured out absolutely alone, and
went down to the pendal by myself, and entered inside, where there were already about 30 or 40 people gathered close to the stage, sitting on the Mother Earth. I did not look for anyone that I knew... I just sat myself down at the rear of the group and started meditating.

Soon many others were coming in, and eventually I was surrounded by people, all of whom I did not know.  When the proceedings were under way, I started to experience some very unusual happenings... like I found that the music that was being played, live by the musicians on the stage, was seemingly not coming from them at all, nor from the large loudspeakers that were sited either side of the midline, some 20-30 metres away from where I was.. but was 'up in the roof of the pendal', directly above me. At some point I half raised myself up to look around... and I found that by chance, I was exactly in the centre-most point of all those gathered there.

I was about 30 metres from the stage, and the speakers were very close also to the stage. Yet all the music was for me, way way above me in the roof of the pendal, no doubt because my Kundalini was that high... and when that happens, you experience the music where the Kundalini is!
  I was experiencing so so much Joy, that I started thinking that Shri Mataji must have some reason for it... perhaps She was going to ask me to do something!! I soon found out that no... She was simply giving me this amazing experience, because She wanted to... and that's all!! 

There were endless things happening... so I will cut to the most amazing thing of all -
In the middle of the tour, we went to a place called Jaipur, where we ended up, after another set of inexplicable happenings, at the house of the local leader, where they were arranging a collective negativity burning ceremony, on the leaders roof, which was a flat roof. There were probably around 15-20 people there. They were just starting a Havan, a fire made of sticks, and fuelled by ghee, or purified butter. The fire, called a Havan was constructed from 3 layers of new house bricks arranged in a square approximately 1 metre square... the wall being made of firstly 3 bricks, then on top of that 2 more, and then finally 1 brick. Inside, the floor of the Havan (the actual roof of the building) was protected with a layer of soil to prevent the fire damaging the roof itself.

The person who was feeding the fire with sticks and also the ghee started feeling uncomfortable and suddenly got up and retreated away from the fire. Inexplicably, this Nick (that's me) found himself moving into the vacated spot, and he from that moment took over the duties of tending the fire.

Immediately the fire did something equally inexplicable! You must remember that there was absolutely no wind on that day! The flames were at that time around 7 or 8 feet high! Nick was at that time, and all the way through what must have been several hours, sitting so close to the fire that he was able, and did in fact place his hands and arms into the flames, to feed the ghee onto  the far side of the fire.

At the beginning, as soon as this Nick was seated, cross legged on the roof, the fire seemed to do what can only be described as a sort of Indian style 'greeting'... these 8 foot high flames suddenly blew horizontally straight at me, engulfing me entirely for I suppose only a second or two. Then they returned to normal, i.e. straight up. A second or two later, it happened again. Again I was engulfed in flames! Again they returned to normal... only to have it repeated once more! So 3 times at regular 1 to 2 second intervals, this happened.

At no time did I feel any heat at all. All I experienced was... that I could
hear the flames rushing past my ears! At first I instinctively pulled back, but could not avoid the flames because I was sitting cross legged on the rooftop, which for me represented if you like the ground. There was no way that I could move away. The 2nd and 3rd tine I did not flinch... did not budge... there was no need to... there was absolutely no heat. It was like the fire doing a Namaskar, in greeting, to this Nick. 

We were sitting there for hours... again I can only say this because of the amount of ghee that was brought out to be used, and replaced twice, meaning 3 very large saucepans full of ghee, ladled out slowly with a miniscule sized brass ladle. All this time others were retreating from the fire because it was too hot! Yet this Nick was totally oblivious to any and all heat! For me,
there was no heat

After some hours (for me there was no time also - time just vanished), the final part of the ceremony arrived.
Nick was asked to place a coconut into the flames! He said... 'place?' The reply was yes... place the coconut! So... by this time he was used to there being no heat, so he placed slowly and carefully the coconut, nestling it carefully onto the sticks in the centre of the fire, so that it would not fall or topple down. Again absolutely no heat. In case you are thinking... no he did not have any sleeves protecting his arms. The thin sleeves of a Kurta, a cotton garment, were rolled up to his elbows all the way through. Not a single hair or whisker even singed!

The coconut was followed by other fruits all of which required that they be placed similarly into the fire.
 Then finally, he was asked to do the Aarti, standing between the fire and the Photo of Shri Mataji. He had the fire at his back, just inches away. He had to hold onto a metal (brass) Aarti lamp, and move it in a horseshoe shape, so that each time he did, the flames were licking down his arms, Again, you guessed it... no heat!  Then right at the end... right at the end, the very last few seconds... something happened. He felt suddenly intense heat... like his clothes were on fire.

He spun around thinking his Kurta was burning. Then what he saw was... a complete square of bright red embers, where the fire was in its last throes. And no, he was not on fire! The heat once again was no longer there!
 It was as if the veil of protection that he had been under for all that time, had momentarily been lifted, removed, so that he would know... what protection he had indeed been under, for what had been a matter of several hours! 

   Now it has taken so long to recount this to you... but there were countless things that happened, equally incapable of rational explanation, both during this tour, and on many other occasions, at many different locations around the world.
 These are all personal accounts, that I would suggest are far more valuable than the nonsense that is being put out by those with vested interests, who have nothing of value to offer anyone. They are not to be heeded! They will do everything in their power to mislead genuine seekers of truth. Do not listen to them. Listen to your own experiences, and decide where you stand. 

   If you still want more... I will happily give you much much much more... there is ample! Finally, what are the vibrations that you feel, reading this rather brief account? Are they cool?  I sincerely hope and pray that you are not to be misled into wrong conclusions... that would indeed be a travesty... and you are worth much much much more than that! With all love... take great care... be wise... and I truly truly hope you will meditate on the truths that are set out above… and do, please do come again to bless us all with your so delightful company... Love Nick


P. S. - One may well ask: Why did all this happen? What is the rationale behind all these Miraculous events? How to explain it all? What is the reason? Why? What? The questions are endless. No, this Nick is not... has not... did not... NEVER has taken any form of drugs... no hallucinogenic materials... there was no trance like induced state... nothing!

   The answer is just too simple... in fact so simple as to be in danger of being totally rejected by this over powering Mr Ego that we all have...
Nick thought about this so much - he could not for the life of him see or understand... why on earth would the Divine Bless him with so many miracles - what had he done? What had he done for heaven's sake... to deserve all this?

    The only thing he could come up with: He had listened to Mother... and accepted everything that She has ever said to us... Imbibed it all... Absorbed it, Remembered it... and applied it, as & when the right time came... and above all did not
question or in any way reject any of it...
    So when Shri Mataji spoke about how to correctly calculate the birthday in Indian method, we do not forget the day of birth - that is also a birthday, in fact the only real birthday. So this Nick did not forget... he went actually 1 year before everyone else... and as if that were not enough... in addition... he got all these miracles.


SahajVidya Commentary:

 Check out the... SahajVidya Website (includes the 'jsmsy' key):
               "Precious Gems... Pearls of Wisdom... Treasures of the Devi...
        Strung on the very fabric of life...
                  threads entangled... interwoven... totality concealed.
               Then Source of All... in Words of Wisdom...
        Showed the way that lay before...
        Sifting... sorting... integrating...
                      til at last... they stand Revealed."

                   - presented in handy A5 format -
   (frequently revised and updated...)

[Inspiration drawn from talk at Melichargasse on 25th July 1989]
See article entitled 'Studying' or also 'Mother's Words'
Shri Adi Shakti, 1989:   You must all individually also work it out that you study Sahaja Yoga in a way...  whatever I have said can be seen… found out… what is said about health… what is said about children… because I spontaneously say things… and if you can sort it out you will know so many things… I mean if you sit down and do a study of these tapes it will help you to find out so many little little things that are so important for life. You can clarify it… can note it down… that this Mother said about these things… it will be very good for us to sort it out this way… what point is to be noted down in different headings… can put different different headings, and jot it down. Mother has said 'so'… Mother has said 'so'… whatever is not on the tape you should not listen to… whatever is on tape is authentic… whatever is recorded already should be accepted (890725); We must have one tape each - sit down and listen again and again - with pencil and paper, and see what I am saying (890611)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Sent: 22 October 2010 20:28
To: nick@sahajvidya.org.uk
Subject: Information

Nick I think you should have a look at a couple of websites
fxxxxxt.org then enter sahaja yoga
There are lots of similar web sites all saying the same.
Very disturbing to say the least.

Glad you had a good day.

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