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Shri Durga Temple, Pond Street in Hampstead

Some years ago when Nick was still quite new, quite young in Sahaj terms, he was attending a Puja that was arranged in Durga Temple, in Hampstead. He did not have any special duties on that occasion, but he recalls that at the end of the actual Puja we were all relaxing and sitting down enjoying our food and chatting amongst ourselves.

Then the person who had been our contact when hiring the Hall approached Nick to remind him about the need for the next booking that they had, and asked Nick to announce to everyone that they needed to finish their food as soon as possible so we could hand the Hall back. Well what happened is this. Nick spoke up and announced to everyone there... "We have just been reminded about the terms of hire of this Hall, and we are asked to please 'gobble down your food as slowly as possible". So of course this Nick had no intention at all of saying that... it's just that those were the words that came out! And of course everybody there promptly laughed and relaxed.

Jai Shri Mataji

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