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Some time back in June 2018, Nick woke just having had a dream… a dream about a Wind Chime. The dream was for him quite unusual… in that first of all he seldom had any dreams, but also this dream was unusually clear, and also seemed to last for quite some time, before he later woke up.

It was of a Wind Chime, seemingly made of metal, suspended on a fine thread – the Chime was rotating slowly at approximately 1 revolution for every couple of seconds.

It was of a spread out figure… in fact two spread out figures, both identical, briefly touching as they were alongside each other side by side. They appeared to be made of some metallic material and seemed to be the colour of brass or gold colour.

The rather unusual feature was that Nick’s attention was somehow within this dream… that he seemed aware of the desire to separate the two individual figures… which he could only achieve by stretching out his head, being part of this Wind Chime somehow, and nipping (biting) the ‘connecting point’ where they were joined together, so as to release them, one from another, so they could drift apart…

It was as if this Nick was somehow part and parcel of this ‘2 figure chime’ and wanting to be separated from the other part… both of which he was in some way part of or they were part of him… like perhaps the physical and/or spiritual beings. Interesting…

Jai Shri Mataji

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