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Do We still, really Listen to our Mother when She speaks to us?

   The other day, after the 2014 Guru Puja at Blossom Farm, this Nick was sitting with a very much respected Sahaja Yogi who had been around for many years, since in fact before he himself arrived on the scene. He was observing that Sahaja Yoga was not appearing to be practised quite like it used to be, years ago, when Shri Mataji was physically with us.

   Nick thought for a moment before responding. He then said… Problem is that there is quite a large body of Sahaja Yogis who do not seem to be ‘listening’ to Mother. You and I have been around for quite a while… for us it’s ok… we listen to what She is saying to us. But there are many… and the number keeps growing… who just do not listen to what She is saying to us. A very simple example…

   Many years ago now, Shri Mataji was at that time spending quite some time explaining to us… describing to us all… the Indian traditional way of correctly calculating someone’s age. Mother’s time is precious… She would not waste time just talking without some very special reason… it must have some importance. She was saying to us all… but how many, were at that time, really listening? Nick listened quite attentively… he took it in… absorbed it… and remembered it… til the time came when he needed to calculate Shri Mataji’s 75th Birthday. He did the calculation according to the Advice given by Shri Mataji.

   Also at that same time, he had an overwhelmingly very strong inner desire… a very powerful urge to travel to India, to recognise, to honour, to show proper respect for our Holy Mother on that very special occasion. He had never before gone to any of Shri Mataji’s Birthday Pujas, anywhere, let alone to India. He doesn't remember very much about making the necessary arrangements… or the travel itself… but some time later… he somehow found himself, there, in India. He experienced so many miracles on that tour… miracle after miracle after miracle… for the whole tour, which took in Mother’s Birthday Puja as well as Shri Shiva Puja, a week later. He was quite possibly the only person there who really honestly believed that it was Shri Mataji’s actual 75th Birthday. Everyone else in the world believed it was later, and would arrive the following year… 12 months later – they all of them missed the boat, by a full 12 months.

   How had this happened? How could it have happened?

   Shri Mataji, when She is speaking to us, and it still happens… even on Audiotape or Videotape recordings it is still absolutely relevant to our current situation… even now when She is speaking to us all, do we really actually listen to Her as if She is speaking directly to us… as if She were actually still there… right in front of us? The things that She tells us, are so important… but do we give them the time and respect that they deserve?

   When Shri Mataji speaks, She does so spontaneously, just about always. She includes little snippets, little gems of information, that do not appear to be so relevant or important at the time… but later on, they reveal themselves for the true importance that they all surely do have.

   The proper understanding of the correct calculation of someone’s age is simply this. Just think about it for a moment. When you are 12 months old, we say you are 1 year old. But at 12 months of age, it is in fact your 2nd birthday! Your 1st birthday of course was the very day you were born! Ask any mother – will she forget that very memorable 1st birth day… of course she will not. But we in the West, and increasingly also in other parts of the world, where they are copying us, we get so confused, that we forget what is what.

   Also this whole series of miracles that transpired on this particular occasion… what could possibly be the reason for having them all bestowed upon this Nick at this time. He had done nothing at all that he could see for this kind of reward. He thought about it for quite some time… but still he could not fathom it out. Then the only solution remaining that he could think of was… he had somehow remembered Shri Mataji’s Advice so many years earlier, and had recalled how to apply it to the current situation… and arrived at the right conclusion – and he had travelled to India for this very special occasion, Shri Mataji’s 75th Birthday Puja in India… in the correct year of 1997!

   1923 + 12 months = 1924 = 12 months old = 1 year old = 2nd Birthday

   So 1923 + 1 yr of age = 1924 = 2nd Birthday
[Born in 1923, so 1
st Birthday 1923; 2nd Birthday 1924 at 1 yr old]

   So in 1924 less 1923 = 1yr. Add Day of actual birth = 2nd Birthday

   So 1997 – 1923 = 74yrs. Add Day of actual birth = 75th Birthday in 1997

   Just to compare: 1923 + 75 yrs of age = 1998 = Add day of Birth = 76th Birthday

   It seemed such an apparently insignificant, unimportant, and such a small, little, trivial thing… that he had recalled what Shri Mataji had said so long ago… but you try to come up with a better understanding, or explanation.

   So to the moral of this story – yes there has to be a moral doesn't there?

   If we are serious in our attempt to rise higher in our Ascent to the Spiritual Realms that we have set for ourselves… then surely it must follow… that we should pay absolute full attention to our Guru and Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - listen… and learn!

   The question remains: Are we really still listening to our Guru, to our Mother? Do we imbibe All the Pure Absolute Divine Knowledge that is Bestowed upon us? Or is our attention slowly drifting elsewhere… spreading out into absolute oblivion… and maybe finding it far too easy to come up with alternative and more plausible & convenient explanations, which we, being basically human beings, we do prefer to the explanation given by our much revered and Holy Mother… how foolish we can sometimes get !

Jai Shri Mataji
P.S. The automatic response might be: Yes but that was said to us Years ago - things have changed since... Sahaja Yoga is different now, it is not the same. To those people it is perhaps necessary to remind them to read & study Shri Mataji's many Advices... which are still as relevant as when they were first recorded.

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