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The Untying of those knots

There comes a time for some, when it becomes necessary to undo those actions that were at the time desirable to enter into, such as entering into marriage, so that we may move on to fresh fields, to participate into new ventures somehow, or for what ever reasons, mostly to open possibly new avenues for our ascent.

Such a time came for Nick when he decided that the first of his arranged marriages had come to an end. Suffice it to say that the main reason for entering into marriage having been accomplished in the main... i.e. having achieved as much as possible in terms of one's ascent, then at that time it is necessary to move on, in order at least not to stagnate or to waste one's time with no forward or upward momentum to take one on to higher things.

So Nick was travelling to Navaratri Puja in Cabella in the collective minibus, and whilst there he busied himself with whatever collective tasks were there to be done. On the day of the Puja, he was temporarily at the front of the ladies side of the Hanger that stood in for the Puja hall for these occasions. He was working on something to do with tidying the carpets that were there for the ladies comfort during the Puja.
Then, as he was finishing off, Shri Mataji arrived, on the same side of the hanger, and as She entered, She appeared to trip and stumble forward. At this, Nick rushed forward as if to catch Her, and as he arrived, Shri Mataji said to him 'Come and see me after the Puja'. Then things reverted to normal, Nick returned to the men's side, and the Puja was performed as usual.

As soon as the Puja had been completed, Nick made his way up to the Castle to attend to Mother. He sat outside the Castle waiting his turn to go in and see Mother. He waited... and waited. Various people went in via the side kitchen entrance, one after another. It was beginning to get a little cold as it was also getting a little darker. Still he waited. Then at some point he decided to return to the Hanger to get his shawl to protect him from the cold. As he was gone, he found on his return that several others who had been waiting had also been in to see Mother, so there were now fewer still waiting. He continued to wait til at last he was the only one left. He continued to wait. After some time, Nick ventured to speak to someone who was moving in & out of the normally used Kitchen door, and asked him to convey to Mother a message. "This Nick is beginning to feel a little tired... would Shri Mataji like him to come back the next day?"

The next moment, he heard the bolts of the Main Castle Doors being drawn back, and these magnificent Doors swung open... and there standing to greet him... was... Shri Mataji. Wow... what a moment. Then as Nick realised what was happening, he stood up, rushed forward, dropped his carrier bag he was carrying, tore off his shoes and socks, and threw himself at Mother's Feet.

He was ushered in... the doors were closed and they sat down. Nick sat facing Mother who spoke to him about his marriage. She first of all asked if he wanted her back. Then She said something that to Nick set the tone of the interview that followed. It was not confrontational... not antagonistic in any way... but was dealing with many of the issues that one would normally come across without taking sides etc., but in a matter of fact sort of way. Best not to say too much about this interview, as Nick would not be able to do it justice in the least. Suffice it to say it was like a process of unpicking all those little connections those little ties forged in the original wedding.

At the end, Shri Mataji said... "Tell her I will find for her a perfect husband" This Nick conveyed to her, but she was not interested.

Then Nick took his leave and went down to the level that was frequently used by Sahaja Yogis for their regular meditations, still within the Castle itself. There he joined in with the others and we all had a hilarious time together.

Following all of this, Nick who had missed his return trip to the uk on the minibus, made arrangements to travel back by bus and train, reading on the way Mother's Meta Modern Era.  He arrived back in England with just a few last coins remaining in his pocket.

Jai Jai Jai Shri Mataji


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